Weight Loss Insights Survey

If You Completed My Survey, Thank You!

The survey I sent out helped clarify why your weight loss journey has been so hard for so long.

It helped you get clear on…

  • What areas of your life your weight negatively affects the most
  • What’s your biggest frustration when trying to lose weight
  • How ready you are to shift things
  • What is the #1 thing you want most that ending your weight loss struggle would give you

You may think you already know these things but specifically acknowledging how your life is being affected by your struggle to lose weight brings more light to your journey and helps you find better solutions.

First, many of you said you didn’t know or understand how you’re emotionally addicted to struggling with your weight and this is HUGE!

I created a short video to explain more…


Below are Q & A from the survey.

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Survey: Q & A

Q: After I read the book, what is the next step?

A: I’m assuming you mean my best selling book, End Dieting Hell: How to find peace with your body and release the weight. In the book there are many practices to do to release you emotional addiction to your weight. However, you will not want to do them long-term because it will not feel normal. If you are self-motivated and can stick to them, you’re set! If not, see if my Live in a Body You Love 90-Day program is for you click here. This is the program the book is based on. (See discount code below)

Q: How do you release the emotional addiction?

A: It is a process and takes understanding, acceptance and practice but you CAN TOTALLY DO IT! You must first, recognize the emotions you’re addicted to like: frustrated that you’re still overweight, shame, embarrassment, fear, guilt, etc. If you don’t realize these are ONLY emotions you feel normal experiencing and they are NOT real but ARE creating your reality, Nothing will change!

The next part is in stages:

Stage One: Fully and completely accept ALL your past experiences. This means EVERYTHING you’ve been through no matter how horrible. There is a way to do this that is easy and leaves you feeling peaceful with your life.

Stage Two: Create emotional practices where you feel peaceful and safe in your body. This takes practice because you don’t know how it would feel NOT to struggle with your weight. My Live in a Body You Love 90-Day program can help you with this! To learn more click here. (See discount code below)

Step Three: Create a system that will let you know when your emotional addictions start to come up. Again, this is a bit challenging to do on your own because it feels normal to feel frustrated with your weight. You won’t know it’s your emotional addiction. You’ll think it’s who you are…but it’s not! This step should include a detox to cleanse your system of sugar and other food cravings so you don’t gain more weight.

Step Four: Explore what your life would look like if you were living in a body you love! In this step you’ll want to STOP making yourself wrong or fighting with yourself. You inner critic will become quieter and you’ll be able to experience more peace in your body.

Step Five: Practice what you’ve learned daily.

There is NOTHING wrong with you. You’re on a journey of emotional expansion and that means you are becoming who you want to be and releasing your old ways of being. You deserve to live in a body you love!

Q: Will I ever be able to freely eat without gaining weight? 

A: Yes and No

Yes, you can eat without gaining weight if you focus on food in a different way. Release the fear and judgement and start thinking of food as a friend that gives you energy, vitality and strength, instead of not trusting yourself around food. The issue is that food hides a feeling you don’t want to acknowledge and are trying to ignore. This is why your struggle has been so hard for so long.

No, you will never be free to eat what you want without gaining weight if you constantly make yourself wrong and don’t trust yourself around food. Again, it’s NOT about food. It’s about healing and expanding from the feeling that food is covering up. Are you brave enough to go there?

Q: I’m on medication that when I went on it I put on weight and struggle to get it back off no matter what I do can you help?

A: The first thing to do is a detox. You’ll want to cleanse your system and get your liver and colon working optimally again. Then, you want to keep your colon healthy with probiotics and digestive enzymes to support your gut health. You also want to make sure your vitamins and minerals are all balanced so you’re getting what you need for optimal health. I would suggest you see a naturopathic doctor and find out if there are more natural medications that would support you.

Q: I Don’t even know where to start.

A: Start by giving yourself a break and being kind to the one person who deserves it most…YOU!

“You, more than anyone in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha

After that your next step should be to detox your body so you can release sugar cravings and give your metabolism a boost. However, if you don’t do the inner work, your detox is a waste of time. =-/

Q: What is the best way to get in condition when injuries prevent you from working out?

A: First, foam roll so your tissue is flexible and has better mobility. Then, start with what you can do and make it fun. If you can walk, that’s a great place to start! Be sure to foam roll before and after so you prevent injury and feel limber.

Q: How do I love myself?

A: Realize that your soul wanted to go on a journey of emotional expansion before you were born. There is NOTHING wrong with you! The reason everything has happened to you in your life and the reason you are struggling with self-love is because your life-journey is meant to move you toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others. This is ALL of our emotional journey and is the next step in human evolution. Our next step as a species is peace and it starts with each of us experiencing peace for ourselves. Be kind and give yourself a break.

Q: How do I stop plateauing! I’m on a diet, haven’t cheated, but I’m stuck on same weight for days! 

A: It sounds like you need to do a detox. Something might not be running optimally because of toxins. Check out my Boost Your Weight Loss Detox program and take $50 OFF with Code: Ready click here

Q: How can I stop eating???

A: You can’t stop eating or you’ll die in about a month or so. What you probably mean is how do you eat and release weight. Start with a detox to cleanse the organs that help you release inches. This will also release sugar and other food cravings. Then, you’ll want to keep your gut healthy with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Lastly, you MUST understand you are emotionally addicted to struggling with your weight. That feels normal to you. It feels like that is who you are. It’s NOT! Get on a program or find the support you need to create a new emotional addiction to living in a body you love. (See if my program is right for you click here)

Q: Do you think there is something that I am ‘afraid’ of that is holding me back?

A: I think that you’re probably emotionally addicted to not feeling good enough and hold a lot of fear in your body and that keeps the weight on. Something happened in your past that created these feelings and you still feel that way everyday. That is not who you are. It’s ONLY a memorized pattern and way of being that keeps you overweight and unhappy with yourself and your life. My Live in a Body You Love program was created to help women like you. If you’re interested to learn more click here. (See discount code below)

Q: I would like to know if you have suggestions for single food / snacks that are filling and not man made. I love nuts but you can’t eat those all day and I don’t eat fruit! Thank you

A: Hummus is one of my favorite go to snacks. It’s full of good protein and is very satisfying. You can make a lettuce wrap and add avocado or olives for good fat and you’re set! I put it on soups and nearly any dish I make. You can make it from scratch really easily. I also will have a protein shake as a snack, which is actually great in the evening after dinner if you’re still hungry. Your body repairs itself as you sleep so good protein in the evening is crucial. Having good fat around will also help with hunger. Think about avocados with balsamic vinegar or a few olives. Good fat helps keep you satiated for longer and is VERY important to the body since your brain is mostly fat and many hormones synthesis in fat.

If this info resonated with you you and it’s time to Live in a Body You Love, see if my 90-Day program is right for you!

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Gina testimonial about the weight loss program

Your program was such a blessing

"I went from weighing 150lbs to 131lbs and went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist! Thank you!You may not realize it but your program was such a blessing. I have struggled so very long to be healthy even as a child...years and years of frustration. I'm the healthiest I ever been!!!I have energy like I never had before. It all started because of your program!"

Gina Hoskins


Gina Hoskins

Gina testimonial about the weight loss program
Colleen testimonial about the weight loss program

After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs

"Before I began Michelle's program I struggled with weight most of my adult life. After 13 weeks with her support and teachings, I lost 20lbs!The most difficult part for me is the psychological piece. Michelle's teachings are clear, effective and interesting. It has made a HUGE difference in how I see myself and my goals for the future.I recommend her program wholeheartedly!"

Colleen Grogan


Colleen Grogan

Colleen testimonial about the weight loss program
Gillian testimonial about the weight loss program

I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks!

"I have enjoy and got so much out of your programs. I can't believe all the tools we covered in the 12 week program. I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks! Thank you so much Michelle for your enthusiasm and belief in me."

Gillian Robbie


Gillian Robbie

Gillian testimonial about the weight loss program

I’d love to take you through a 90-Day program that will shift everything you think you know about how to lose weight!

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