Weight Loss Insight (Self-Sabotage) 4 of 5

Weight Loss (Self-Sabotage) Insight 4 of 5


This Insight Is From Day One Of The...


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Weight Loss Insight: Understanding Self-Sabotage

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and then sabotaged yourself, you know the frustration and self-defeating feelings that comes with that.

Here is what you must know about self-sabotage:

woman on scaleSelf-sabotage doesn’t happen because you don’t have the “willpower” or self-control to stick with a program. It happens because every cell in your body is comfortable and feels normal struggling with your weight and not liking your body.

If you were to love your body and be happy with your weight, it wouldn’t feel normal in your cells. It would actually feel wrong because it’s a feeling you haven’t felt long enough in your cells to have them feel comfortable with it.

You self-sabotage consciously and unconsciously to go back to what feels “normal” to you, which is struggling with your weight and not liking your body.

It looks like this…

Your cells vibrate at the same emotion every day. When you start to make changes and you’re not paying attention to the memorized feelings in your body (insight 1 of 5), then your body sends signals to your brain to think thoughts that will produce the regular feelings in your body and you think it’s because you don’t have the “willpower”… NOT TRUE! Ugh!

This also happens when you are addicted to sugar. Your body is used to the feeling sugar gives it and if you don’t cleanse your body and practice a new way of being without sugar, the cells of your body will sabotage you’re weight loss efforts!

Your body actually sends signals to your brain to create the same emotions so it can have it’s “fix” of the chemical vibrations it always has.

This is why you will forever struggle and live in a body you don’t love.

It may be hard to understand that your body sends signals to your brain. I mean it’s supposed to be the other way around, right?


intuition-psychologyYour body gets a say in how you run your life. If it didn’t, you would have to learn every day how to walk, tie your shoes, brush your hair and all the normal activities you do.

You see, your body becomes your mind so that you can live your life without re-learning normal patterns like how to drive a car and take a shower.

When you try and lose weight, you must understand that your body has daily patterns and habits that equate to not liking your body.

This is what you need to shift if you want to live in a body you love!

How do you start your transformation?

In my retreat, you will go through the science behind this so you understand completely how this works in your body and mind and you have various practices until you FULLY feel comfortable in the new feeling of loving your body.

You’ll do this emotionally, physically, with food, by being in nature and being in community. It’s Awesome! I hope you’ll join me!



Testimonial from last retreat:

I now feel I CAN live in a body I Love!

I was so overwhelmed I almost canceled. I didn't feel I could pause for 4-days and take time for myself. I'm so glad I didn't cancel. Taking the time to come here, and slow-down, I now feel that I CAN live a life I love, in a body I love. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going so fast trying to give to the world and ignoring their own health to come, pause, be in this beautiful setting, with this beautiful teacher and learn to take good care of yourself.





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To start this practice on your own, and that’s exactly what it is a practice, you must first recognize the memorized patterns in your body that feel normal.

Then, acknowledge that it is ONLY a memorized pattern. It is not who you are (Insight 3 of 5).

Remember your pattern started from an event that heightened your senses.

Something happened in your life and all of your sense came alive. You remember every detail of the event and you made a decision about your body and self-worth at that time and your body is living into that decision every day with your memorized habits and thought patterns. (Insight 2 of 5)

To change you must start from your ego and work backward.

Your ego must take a chill-pill and let go of who you think you are and the way you think things “should” be.

Handcuff Get The Body You LoveThis is one the hardest things you’ll ever do on your own and is why retreats like my Live In A Body You Love, are so helpful!

When you get out of your environment, it’s soooo much easier for your ego to chill-out.

When you let go of being “right” about who you think you are, you can become who you want to be…a free woman who is happy and in love with herself and her life.

If you can let go of who you think you are and the need to be right, the next step is to begin at the place your programming started…with your 5 senses (insight 2 of 5).

Since your programming started with your senses during an event that happened in your life where you made a decision about your body and yourself, you must return to your senses in the present moment.

© Copyright 2014 CorbisCorporationThis can be challenging for many people because you need to slow-down and instead of multi-tasking…be present.

Here is a practice to try:

Feel your present moment with all 5 senses.

Feel where your body is in space.

What is the temperature around you?

What are the sounds you hear?

What taste do you have in your mouth?

When you get present, it slows down your mind and you can open to a new possibility and new experience.

This technique may seem simple, but it is far from that. If it was that easy, you would have done it by now, don’t you think?

This is again why a retreat is so beneficial.

At your retreat, you will slow down, get present and be in nature.

Things will become much more clear as you open to what’s possible in the stillness of the present moment.

When you feel yourself slow-down and become aware of your senses in each moment, you have the opportunity to create what you want. You can see your life from a new perspective.

In this moment, you can ask the questions,

“What would it feel like to love my body?”

“What would I do if I felt that way throughout my day?”

“How would I feel right now?”

Your mind wants to give you the answers to every question you ask. The questions above will start a new emotional vibration in your body.

They Will Also Give You New Ideas That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of Before.

Your last insight in this series will go over the field of possibility that surrounds you and how to communicate with it. It is a seriously AMAZING Insight and something we practice often in my 5-day retreat.

I hope you take a look at the Live In A Body You Love Retreat and if it feels right, join me!

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Exp. 1/31/18

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