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Do you crave sugar and caffeine especially after meals?

1Scientists in the food industry know the right combination of fat, sugar, and salt that will create an addictive reaction in your brain.

You think you don’t have the “willpower” to stop eating sugar when the real reason you’re addicted is due to the food affecting your brain in the EXACT way it was designed so you would eat more and buy more! (1)

Understand the food you’re addicted to is created to cause that effect! 

When You Do A Detox It Helps Your Body Release Sugar Cravings! YES!

Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable after your meal?

1If you are bloated and uncomfortable after meals, your digestion is off track. This can be due to eating processed foods, foods with GMO’s, sugar and/or eating excess calories.

When you eat foods that are not natural to your body it can cause your gut to get stuck, inflamed, and damaged.

For example, some GMO’s can cause mini-holes in your intestines which can lead to leaky gut and a host of gut issues.

Your defense…do a detox and heal your intestinal lining.

Do you have stubborn belly fat that won’t budge?


Stubborn belly fat again tells you that something is off with your digestion and it could be a clue that your body is storying toxins in your adipose (fat) tissue.

When your body is holding onto weight it is sending you a message that something isn’t working right in your system and it needs help. Help can come in the form of intense exercise but even better is by cleansing your system to get things moving in the right direction.

Detoxing Makes It EASY For Your Body To Release Stubborn Belly FAT!

Do you have brain fog and are not able to think clearly at times?

1Your gut is one of the most important systems in your body. Not only is it 80% responsible for the health of your immune system but it is closely linked to your brain.

According to a Harvard Health article called, The Gut-Brain Connection: “The gut-brain connection is no joke; it can link anxiety to stomach problems and vice versa.”(2)

When you gut is unhealthy and having challenges it could affect your memory, clarity, focus, and mood. Yes, your behavior and mood can be affected by the health of your gut!

If you struggle with a foggy brain, do a detox and get ready to feel a whole lot better! 

The #1 Way To Help Support Brain Health Is To Have A Healthy Gut!

Are you tired and fatigued most of the day?

1It has been proven that gut health affects your energy.

A study done at Cornell University found that people with chronic fatigue syndrome had more species of bacteria that promoted inflammation and fewer bacteria diversity or different types of bacteria, compared to healthy people without chronic fatigue syndrome. (3)

This means that people with chronic fatigue syndrome had unhealthy digestive systems compared to healthy people.

Since you have 100x’s the number of bacteria in your body compared to the number of cells in your body, it makes sense that the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria will affect your energy, behavior, and mood! 

When you are tired most of the day and you don’t feel good in your body instead of reaching for caffeine, which only worsens the issue look deeper. Look at your gut health and start doing things that support it.

Doing a detox could have you feeling better overnight!

Do you have one or zero bowel movements a day?

1This is a HUGE indicator that your gut health is in trouble!

One or zero bowel movements a day is telling you something isn’t working with your digestion track.

Think about it…you eat more than once a day. Shouldn’t you eliminate more than once a day?

Something is stuck and needs support to get moving again. 

Detox Your Gut And Give It The Movement It Needs!

Do you struggle with depression and/or mood swings?

1Did you know that 90% of serotonin (good feeling hormone) is created in your gut?

Many scientific studies have shown that diet and gut health affect your behavior and your mood. (4)

If you struggle with depression, do a detox and clean-up your diet before getting on anti-depressants. It may surprise you how much better feel!

Do you drink out of plastic water bottles or cook with aluminum or Teflon pans?


These substances have been shown to negatively affect many areas of your body including your gut health!

The nutrition and food science department at Texas A&M University did a study that showed how BPA or Bisphenol A, a substance found in plastics, can negatively impact gut microbial, and amino acid metabolism in a way that has been associated with irritable bowel disease, fatigue, cancer, heart disease and more! (5)

If you don’t feel amazing health in your body, it may be time to get new cookware and a glass or stainless steel water bottle.

Detoxing Helps  Release Toxins And Moves You Toward Health And Away From Disease!

Oh Yeah!

Do you have trouble sleeping?


Scientists are finding correlations between sleep and gut health.

Studies have shown that gut health can shift your normal circadian rhythm and hormones that affect your sleep and awake cycle. (6)

One of the first things women tell me after doing my detox is that they sleep better.

To get a better night sleep, Detox your system and get your gut health back on track and see how much better you feel when you are fully rested! You deserve that!

Now You Know How Crucial It Is To Keep Your Gut Healthy!

If it’s time to cleanse, defend, and reset your system, see if this program is right for you…

Here is what women have to say after taking this program:

I was never hungry


Lori Spaeth's Results and Comments (Listen Now)!

"I have lost almost 20lbs and I feel great! As you can see I'm not young but I feel young. One thing I have to say about this program is, I was never hungry. That was a big deal. It was a little bit of a commitment but boy was it worth it! Everyone has noticed how much better I look and I notice how much better I feel!"

Lori Spaeth


Lori Spaeth


I have lost 2 inches off my hips!

Before this program, I was uncomfortable in my body. I ate whatever I wanted to!  Now, I think about eating in a whole new way. I am never hungry, and I am no longer bloated. I have lost 2 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist! I have lost 8-10 pounds and more weight is coming off! There is some serious soul work that goes on when I work with Michelle!  I would especially recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck.  She is a master of getting people unstuck!  She is a precious gift to me and I am so thankful I found her!

Pam T.


Pam T.

I have lost 2 inches off my hips!

Michelle made this program a life changing experience!

“Being a Nurse Practitioner, I felt my knowledge about nutrition was pretty good. Was I wrong! I learned so much from this program. I feel I am a more informed consumer and can make choices that honor keeping my body as healthy as possible. I have incorporated much of the programs principles to my lifestyle and feel healthier. I have lost some unwanted weight as well. Michelle is an inspirational teacher and made this program a life changing experience!”

Moira Whyte Shearer


Moira Whyte Shearer


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P.S. Don’t let the word “Detox” or “Cleanse” scare you. You don’t have to fast or deprive yourself to jumpstart your metabolism and start releasing weight! Let’s do it together!


More Client Testimonials:

This detox program was AWESOME!

“This detox program was AWESOME! This program helped me reset my thinking about food and supplements. My body feels much healthier and my entire being feels more positive. The whole process was invigorating and inspiring. Since beginning this program and the live Pilates Cardiocamp class, I have lost over 20 pounds, lots of inches and have dropped 2 pants sizes as well as a size smaller top – lost loads of back fat. The detox class was a fantastic way of bringing my fitness and well being to the next level.

Maggie Heilman


Maggie Heilman


I feel like my cravings are much more in control!

“Before this program I was craving something sweet after every meal and consuming a lot more sugar than I had realized. After this program, I feel like my cravings are much more in control! I am not craving sugar and I am eating much less sugar, and have lost a few pounds and inches because of it! I’d recommend this program if you feel “stuck” with your current weight and the little things you used to do to drop a few pounds aren’t working any more. Michelle’s program provided me with a lot of new knowledge and ideas for getting my body back in balance and allowing it to release some belly fat. It was a great program for providing some accountability for me without any stress or pressure to prove anything to anyone.”

Sara Rogers


Sara Rogers


I was two-inches too big for my wedding dress!

I was getting married in a month and was two-inches too big for my wedding dress. In a panic, I joined the Get Fit and Detox program. The results were perfect! I lost 5 inches and felt happy, confident, beautiful and sexy on my wedding day! Thank you so much!

Reina Marie Tashnick


Reina Marie Tashnick


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