New Year’s is right around the corner!

You’ll be hit with ads for every new diet out there…Again!

Do you ever wonder why each year is the same when it comes to trying to lose weight?

Your intentions are good.

You really are ready to lose weight but no matter what diet or exercise program you go on at the end of the year you’re back where you started…or worse!

It is my pleasure to give you insights that as a fitness expert and weight loss specialist, have taken me over a decade to discover!

This book is for people who have struggled with their weight most of their life and are ready to get off the roller coaster ride and find peace.

You want to lose weight and follow the protocols but each year around the 4-6 week mark of your new program you self-sabotage and regain any weight you’ve lost and then some. UGH!

If You’ve Been Struggling With Your Weight Most Of Your Life, You Are Who I’ve Written This Book For!

She has an amazing amount of information that’s incredibly valuable

I'm a mind body therapist and I use neuroscience to help people uncover the mind game of weight loss. I was really impressed when I found Michelle Melendez's guide book to help you get thin. She has an amazing amount of information that's incredibly valuable. If you're trying to lose weight, you really need to look at because it is a wealth of information, very clearly written, from the heart and it's exactly what you need.

Dr. Cynthia Sholes


Dr. Cynthia Sholes


I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996 and after some years, I decided to add to my expertise and becoming a weight loss specialist.

I was determined to help more women lose weight and love their body.

What I found was that no matter what diet I would put people on most would gain the weight back.

It wasn’t until I realized that diet and exercise programs were NOT the answer for women who’ve struggled with their weight most of their lives. About 10-years ago I went on a mission to find the answer!

This book will give you insights into why you’ve struggled with your weight most of your life and what you can do about it!

If you are tired of going on a new diet or joining a gym every New Year’s, pre-order my book, End Dieting Hell!

It will teach you the following:

  • Why you constantly struggle with weight and might do so for the rest of your life!
  • What really causes self-sabotage (It’s not about will-power, thoughts or food addiction)
  • How to understand your body and emotions and how they affect your weight
  • The secrets to allowing yourself to release the weight for good!

If you don’t want to repeat your normal New Year’s pattern again this year, pre-order this book to receive it by March 1st!


  • Introduction
  • My Story
  • Chapter One: Your Ego Wants You To Be Fat
  • Chapter Two: You are Addicted To The Feeling Of Struggling With Your Weight
  • Chapter Three: The Age of Your Emotional Body
  • Chapter Four: Your Mind And Weight Loss Addiction
  • Chapter Five: How Your Body Type Releases Weight
  • Chapter Four: Food and Body Fat
  • Chapter Five: The Intelligence Inside You
  • Chapter Six: Your Living In A Body You Love Plan

I Also Wanted To Include These Amazing Interviews I Did With Some Of The Worlds Leading Health Experts As Part Of This Book To Give You Even More Insights!

Bonus Chapter Seven

Interview with Ocean Robbins: Food Revolution

About Ocean Robbins: Ocean is co-founder & CEO of the 450,000 member Food Revolution Network. He has hosted more than 800,000 people in his online Food Revolution Summits, and he’s facilitated organized and facilitated hundreds of live seminars, gatherings, and events for more than 200,000 leaders from 65 nations.

You will discover:

  • Why chronic illness is on the rise and what to do about it.
  • How to radically extend your lifespan and decrease your chances of getting cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and many other ailments
  • What’s really going on with GMOs
  • Breakthroughs in food and medical science and MORE!
Bonus Chapter Eight

Interview with Dr. Lindsey Berkson: Food Overwhelm and How to Conquer it with Grace & Science

About Lindsey Berkson: Lindsey has been in practice for 40 years with an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, digestion, and intimacy. Berkson was a hormone scholar at a renowned estrogen think tank at Tulane University and has authored many books. Her latest being Sexy Brain.

You will discover:

  • How overwhelm affects your body and what to do about it
  • A simple method to destress FAST
  • What foods are vital for the health of your gut and energy systems
Bonus Chapter Nine

Interview with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: The Positive Benefits Of Exercise On Hormone & Blood Sugar Balance

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: She founded the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Computer Science and is a certified as living foods chef, instructor, and coach.

You will discover:

  • The connection between fitness and hormones
  • Which hormones are most influenced by exercise
  • What types of exercise are most beneficial for hormone balance

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I’m thrilled to give you the insights I’ve been learning for over 10-years!

Your Fitness Ally,

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P.S. Your answers are not at the gym or in a diet program. Let me share insights that will transform your life and finally give you peace. You deserve that!