(Watch the video for a story of laughter and pain)

I told this story to a live audience of about 65 people. OMG!

I never thought I would EVER tell strangers how much I hated my body growing up and especially why I hated it.

Today, I’m free from the self-hatred I had in my youth and more confident in who I am and how much I love my body no matter what! I’d love to teach you how to feel this. I know you CAN live in a body you love!

I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1996. There’s NOTHING on the planet I’d rather do than teach women how to love their body and get the results they want!

My certifications include:

  • ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Personal Training
  • SCW Personal Trainer
  • Resist-A-Ball® Personal Training
  • The Pilates Coach®
  • Master Bender Pilates Trainer
  • Senior Balance
  • Reebok Spin
  • R.I.P.P.E.D Trainer
  • Burn Bootcamp
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • And More!

My mission in life is to show women the secret to living in a body they love and help them release shame, embarrassment and guilt around their weight loss journey.

If I feel like the right trainer for you, check out my programs above or set-up a one-on-one call with me… click here

It would be my honor to support you.

Your Fitness Ally,

Michelle Melendez-Founder/Weight Loss Specialist

PS: Don’t be at the end of your life regretting the things you didn’t do because of your weight. You can have and feel something different in your body! Let me teach you how. It’s time. =)

Members Rave

After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs

Listen to her own words:
"Before I began Michelle’s program I had struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I jumped on every new bandwagon that promised fast and lasting results, but never achieved the success I so desperately sought. After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs and have learned my past practices were an addiction. What would I do, think, or collect if I didn’t focus on losing weight?! What would I spend my time and money on if I wasn’t focusing on losing weight?! I didn’t know…I have some ideas now! The most difficult part of losing weight is the psychological piece for me. Michelle addresses this in a clear, effective, and interesting way. It has made a huge difference in how I see myself and my goals for the future. I recommend this program wholeheartedly!"

Colleen Grogan


Colleen Grogan

You can do this, Michelle is there for you!

“Before this program I had little to no motivation to get healthy. I had gotten so used to being fat that I almost gave up on myself. Michelle has also opened my eyes to the idea that healthy living isn't just necessary, it's enjoyable. I would recommend this program if you struggle with motivation to be healthy and fit, if you have a hard time finding something positive and/or encouraging about yourself, and if you are finally ready to see yourself as the sexy, strong, confident woman you want to be. You can do this, Michelle is there for you!”

Michele Kiefert


Michele Kiefert

She has an amazing amount of information that’s incredibly valuable

I'm a mind body therapist and I use neuroscience to help people uncover the mind game of weight loss. I was really impressed when I found Michelle Melendez's guide book to help you get thin. She has an amazing amount of information that's incredibly valuable. If you're trying to lose weight, you really need to look at because it is a wealth of information, very clearly written, from the heart and it's exactly what you need.

Dr. Cynthia Sholes


Dr. Cynthia Sholes

I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after this program

“I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after taking Michelle’s program “Get the body you love in 90 days”. I have shifted old habits and have formed new ones and it feels good. I am deeply grateful for this life and body that I have to experience this life in! I am also deeply grateful to the other participants from whom I bonded with and learned from. Michelle, know that you have changed my life for the better forever and I am deeply grateful for your love and guidance.”

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans

You’re a blessing!

Thank you so much! The classes I’ve been able to catch on replay I’ve really liked. You’re a blessing!





Thank you, Michelle, for your awesome videos and for your constant encouragement

I started super easy with this Move Toward Your Goal in the Rose Garden at Chico. The concept that Michelle continues to speak about, that of “no judgment” is more important than I realized. I can easily drop into a place of being shocked at how difficult it is for me to lift up the smallest weight while simultaneously lifting a leg. At 63, balance has become an issue for me. But, I stuck with the video, much as I was disappointed with my lack of balance/weakness. This was a short, doable workout and I think if I were to do it 4 to 5 times a week, I would see great improvement in my balance. I can do this! Thank you, Michelle, for your awesome videos and for your constant encouragement as you take us through these workouts and this program. I need this!