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Checking In
  • How was your week?
  • What were successes?
  • Did you have any challenges?
  • Is there anything else you want to tell me?
Accepting and Transformation

The Art Of Accepting ALL Of Yourself!

Our feelings are not negative or positive.

Feelings are simply a barometer that tells you if you are lined up with who you truly are and moving toward the emotional expansion your soul came here for or are you stuck in the DRAMA of being human. 

If you sit in the feeling without paying attention to transformational experience you can have through it, you will FOREVER be its slave!

When you are a slave to your emotions you feel HOPELESS!

When you pay attention to the emotion and start to see it as a memorized pattern that is here to give you the Opportunity of emotional expansion, your life will change.

How do you do this?

You do this with practice, patience, and compassion.

First, you must release what your Ego believes is YOU.

Your Ego will want to fight you and tell you…

“NO, this is who you are!”

You must be willing to see yourself from a new light.

The emotion that there is something wrong with you was programmed into every cell of your body when you were a child.

This is NOT who you are!

Your soul has come to the planet at this time in history to transform from the trauma and drama you’ve experienced into who you’ve always wanted to be…a woman who loves her body and herself fully. You deserve that!

You are a light being whose essence is love.

Everything you’ve been through was set-up so your spirit can emotionally expand and move toward love.

Your Memorized Patterns That make You Feel Stuck Are Not Real!

They were created from your childhood and your emotional body can still be at the age that created the memorized patterns.

Therefore you need to help the child inside you move through that age and become a woman. She needs the adult you to help her if you’re willing.

Here is a practice to do daily:

  • Get a copy of a picture when you were around the age where you started feeling dislike for your body
  • Look at the picture every morning and tell her what she needed to hear from an adult that she didn’t hear and tell her what you’re committed to doing for her today.
    • Let her know she’s going with you throughout your day and anytime she feels unsafe, unloved or insecure, you’re going to be there for her. If you feel any of those feelings, put your hand on the picture and tell the little girl what she needs to hear from the adult you to return to love and forgiveness of yourself and others and feel empowered.
  • Choose foods that leave your little girl having the best energy, vitality and feeling good about herself.
  • When you want to choose foods that don’t serve your body know this is the little girl inside you that wants to stay stuck in the emotional patterns. It’s your job as the adult woman, to help her grow out of the emotional memorized patterns by helping her feel safe to do so.
  • Before you go to bed look at the picture again and praise the little girl (you) in the picture for what she did well today. Tell her you’re never going to leave her and that she’s safe and precious.

This practice will change your life if you let it.

It’s time to heal the child in you that is keeping the weight on your body. Her insecurity, fear, sadness, and anger or whatever other feelings she has that has you making choices leaving you in a body you don’t love are ready to be released and transformed.

She’s ready to grow up and become a beautiful woman living in a body she loves.

You can do this!

Daily Practices

Mirror Practice: See yourself before you came here to earth. See how you accepted this journey knowing that you’d have emotional challenges and pain. You knew that your soul would move toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others. It wouldn’t be easy but you knew you could do it!

Say this as you look at yourself in the mirror:

“I choose to love and have compassion for all aspects of you today including the little girl that still lives inside me. I deserve that.”

Note: Ignore the things you don’t like about yourself and keep looking into your eyes looking for the conscious Source that is looking back at you.

Shower Practice:

As you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you. For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life. Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER! Let yourself Feel Good!


Nightly Journal:

It’s VERY important to get into a high vibrational feeling before you go to bed so you will wake up there! Before you go to bed each night write or say out loud at least one to two things you can appreciate about yourself.

Your goal is to go to bed in a feel-good emotional vibrational state so you wake up there!


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