5-Keys For Professional Moms

To End Weight Loss Frustration!

Would You Like To Release Excess Weight, Enjoy Working Out (Really!) And Live In A Body You Love?

Are any of these true for you?

  • I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life.
  • I feel like a failure when it comes to my weight.
  • I can’t relate to the woman I see in the mirror.
  • I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing lasts!

That feeling of frustration and hopelessness around your weight SUCKS!

Imagine yourself saying:

  • I can’t believe I struggled with my weight for so long!
  • I don’t even recognize who I used to be.
  • I’m totally comfortable in my body.
  • The mirror is a good friend of mine.
  • I love living in my body!

The Answer You’re Looking For Will AMAZE You & Leave You With Relief Knowing It’s Possible To Live In A Body You LOVE!

I stopped talking myself into being fat-Thank you Michelle!

I literally talked my self into being fat! I was so hard on my self, criticizing every slight imperfection. I had several real “a-ha” moments working with Michelle. Now I feel more at EASE with myself and am committed to caring for myself. I would recommend working with Michelle if you feel trapped and are struggling with weight loss! Thank you thank you thank you Michelle!

Laura Gawne


Laura Gawne


Discover what’s possible for you now with the…

5-Keys For Professional Moms

To End Weight Loss Frustration!




Finally, understand why it’s been so hard to lose weight! 

It’s my pleasure to share these insights with you. This information has changed my life and so many others around the world!

Your Weight Loss & Fitness Ally,




Michelle Melendez-Founder/Master Trainer

P.S. It’s not a mistake you’ve found me. If you’re reading this, you were meant to learn this information…it’s time!