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It’s Time For YOUR Light-Bulb To Go Off And Experience An A-HA Moment Around Your Weight Like Never Before!

5-Keys For Busy Moms

And Women Entrepreneurs

To End Weight Loss Frustration!

I’ve been a trainer since 1996 and one thing I know for certain is there is something most trainers and diet programs will NEVER teach you that is the key to understanding your fruition with your weight!

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • 5 Keys fitness trainers, doctors, & nutritionist don’t know that are crucial to losing weight
  • How your body’s cells have memorized chemical reactions that  keep you struggling with your weight
  • Why you will FOREVER SELF-SABOTAGE Yourself when trying and lose weight
  • How to understand your body from a New Perspective
  • The worst thing to do if you’re wanting to END weight loss frustration

And a TON More!

I know first hand about having a poor body image. I struggled with liking my body all the way up into my 30’s until I found this work.

I was searching for insights to help my clients…

I wanted to know why some clients would lose weight and keep it off and others struggled year after year.

When I found this information the light bulb went off and everything made sense including the reason for my own poor body image!

If you’re ready to understand your weight loss journey from a Completely Different Perspective, I invite you to download my 4-Keys to End Weight Loss Frustration.

What Women Are Saying….

Your program was such a blessing

"I went from weighing 150lbs to 131lbs and went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist! Thank you! You may not realize it but your program was such a blessing. I have struggled so very long to be healthy even as a child...years and years of frustration. I'm the healthiest I ever been!!!I have energy like I never had before. It all started because of your program!"

Gina Hoskins


Gina Hoskins

After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs

Listen to her own words:
"Before I began Michelle’s program I had struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I jumped on every new bandwagon that promised fast and lasting results, but never achieved the success I so desperately sought. After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs and have learned my past practices were an addiction. What would I do, think, or collect if I didn’t focus on losing weight?! What would I spend my time and money on if I wasn’t focusing on losing weight?! I didn’t know…I have some ideas now! The most difficult part of losing weight is the psychological piece for me. Michelle addresses this in a clear, effective, and interesting way. It has made a huge difference in how I see myself and my goals for the future. I recommend this program wholeheartedly!"

Colleen Grogan


Colleen Grogan

You can do this, Michelle is there for you!

“Before this program I had little to no motivation to get healthy. I had gotten so used to being fat that I almost gave up on myself. Michelle has also opened my eyes to the idea that healthy living isn't just necessary, it's enjoyable. I would recommend this program if you struggle with motivation to be healthy and fit, if you have a hard time finding something positive and/or encouraging about yourself, and if you are finally ready to see yourself as the sexy, strong, confident woman you want to be. You can do this, Michelle is there for you!”

Michele Kiefert


Michele Kiefert

I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after this program

“I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after taking Michelle’s program “Get the body you love in 90 days”. I have shifted old habits and have formed new ones and it feels good. I am deeply grateful for this life and body that I have to experience this life in! I am also deeply grateful to the other participants from whom I bonded with and learned from. Michelle, know that you have changed my life for the better forever and I am deeply grateful for your love and guidance.”

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans

About Michelle

MICHELLE MELENDEZ has been training women around the world to live in a body they love since 1996!

She has over 12 fitness certifications including Weight Loss Specialist, Master Pilates Trainer, Psych K and more.

She specializes in taking women, who’ve struggled with their weight most of their lives, on a transformational journey of emotional expansion, relief and freedom so they can live in a body they love and NEVER worry about their weight again!

Discover what’s possible for you with the…

5-Keys For Busy Moms & Women Entrepreneurs

To End Weight Loss Frustration!