If you’ve been trying to find the “Magic” answer, watch the video above!

This is a private retreat by Invitation ONLY for 8-ladies in the End Dieting Hell 90-Day program who are ready to dive deep here on the Big Island of Hawaii and connect into living in a body you love!
I know you’ve tried ALL different kinds of diet and exercise programs. And I know this is NOT your first time wanting to feel hopeful that maybe this could be your answer. The End Dieting Hell Program is NOT a Diet!

It’s a program that teaches you a NEW loving way to experience your body and END the slavery from your past feelings, thoughts and actions that keep you stuck in a body you don’t love.

This retreat takes what you learn to a deeper level as you Physically, Mentally and Emotionally experience living in a body you love in a safe, supportive and healing environment.

Take A Healing Journey To the Big Island That Will Shift Everything For You!

This Retreat Is The Fast Track To Live In A Body You Love!

Join me on the Big Island and you will…

  • Open and heal all 7-energy centers (chakras) so you can experience a new loving way of being in your body and in your life. 
  • Fall in LOVE with Yourself on a cellular level as you give-up the story that you’re not good enough!
  • Feel more confident and have higher self-esteem than you have in…FOREVER!
  • END Food Obsession and Find Peace with Every Meal!
  • Experience NEW feelings about yourself and your life that bring you Joy, Peace and Confidence!

Watch video to hear what Carol experienced and why she signed up!

What Your 7-Day Live In A Body You Love Retreat Looks Like:

Day One: Feel The Aloha Spirit Opening Your 1st Energy Center

You will…

  • Arrive in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii (Airport code:KOA)
  • Settle into your private retreat space with amazing ocean views and feel your body surrender as the spirit of Aloha melts your heart.
  • Do a practice that opens your first energy center (root chakra) so you feel safe and ready to embody your experience! 
  • Take A Soul Retrieval Journey into the depths of yourself bringing ALL of you to the island to feel whole and ready for change!
  • Have a special dinner that moves you toward peace with food. 

It’s Time To Get Away From ALL You Know And Return A New Woman In A Body You LOVE!

(Retreat Begins at 4pm HST. Please fly in no later than 3pm.)

Day Two: Allow Peace To Open and Heal Your 2nd Energy Center

woman imagining touching the sun

You will…

  • Awaken to the sounds of the island for a morning healing & movement practice that brings peace and ease to your soul.
  • Feel your inner conflict release during your PRIVATE tour of the Hawaiian Peace Gardens, “Palekau” as you allow peace to enter and heal your 2nd energy center (sacral chakra).
  • Feel the warm-waters of Hawaii wash the old you away, restoring and healing your soul at one of the most sacred places on the Big Island!
  • Have a special cooking experience with Michelle your retreat sisters as you heal your feelings around food.
  • Finish your day feeling more peace in your heart than you knew was there!

“Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.”

— Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Watch video to learn what shifted for Kayleen in her retreat!

Day Three: Feel Confidence Opening Your 3rd Energy Center

Today is the day your 3rd energy center (solar plexus) opens to bring you more confidence and self-love.

You will…

  • Enjoy a morning soul connection and healing practice that will leave you with more self-love. 
  • Experience a blue light energy healing session and discover more self-esteem in your body, mind and spirit!
  • Feel Confident and secure around people as you explore downtown Kona.
  • Have a heart-opening cooking experience as you become friends with food!

“Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.

— Golda Meir

Day Four: Open Your 4th Energy Center (Heart Chakra) and Discover Joy!

You will…

  • Start your morning with a soul connection practice that leaves you invigorated feeling happy and blissful about your life!
  • Have a PRIVATE encounter with a dolphin and feel joy come alive in your body!
  • Experience what True Happiness feels like WITHOUT the Negative Self-Critic and Shame! (That is possible for you!)
  • End your day with an Emotional Connection Practice that keeps your experience in your heart and helps you feel more self-love than Ever! 
  • Have a sacred cooking experience that brings more trust and enjoyment around food.

“In this world it’s harder than ever to find something extraordinary but once in a while a symbol of hope breaks through.”

— Dolphin Tale

Watch video to see who Maggie recommends for this retreat?

Day Five: Open your 5th Energy Center At The Volcano

You will…

  • Put a new intention for your life at one of the most energetic places in the world! 
  • Open your 5th energy center (throat chakra) and hear a new self-loving voice inside you.
  • Release your BIGGEST weight loss obstacles at the volcano to be transformed in Madam Pele’s fire.
  • Explore Hawaiian culture and have an Amazing dinner feeling confident, safe and peaceful around food!
  • Feel a new found Freedom of Power in your heart and soul! 

This will be a day of emotional release, spiritual growth, connection and fun…being at the volcano is VERY Powerful!

“One day you may realize the power you have inside. If you create the life you want, you used your power well.”

— Nav-Vii

Day Six: Feel Stronger Intuitively As Your 6th Energy Center Opens!

You will…

  • Discover a stronger intuition expanding in love and faith as your 6th energy center (your third eye) opens.
  • Feel lighter in your body after a cleansing and healing session at the Hawaiian Sanctuary. 
  • Realize the food obsession is gone and in its place is self-assurance and peace!
  • Experience Rainbow falls (pic on the right) as a new woman in love with life!
  • End your final day with an incredible celebration ceremony that leaves you excited to return home!

“Life changes very quickly in very positive ways, if you let it.”

— Lindsey Vonn

Who does Carol Recommends This Retreat For?

Day Seven: Open You 7th Energy Center As A Women In Love With Life!
Peacefull woman
You will leave your retreat today and your experiences will last a lifetime!

Today you will…

  • Experience a morning movement that lets you know you’re a woman in love with herself.
  • Learn an integration method that keeps your experience in your heart.
  • Look in the mirror and feel different about the amazing image staring back at you!
  • Discover you’re not the same woman who landed on the island 7-days prior and you feel GREAT!

(Retreat Ends at 11am HST. Fly out at 1pm or later.)

“Aloha Is A Value, One Of Unconditional Love. It Is The Outpouring And Receiving Of The Spirit.”

-The ways of Aloha

Who Kayleen Recommends This Retreat For?

This Is A Special Experience ONLY Available To Women in the End Dieting Hell 90-Day Program!

Yes, I Want To Viscerally Experience Living In A Body I LOVE!

Here’s What’s Included In My 7-Day Hawaiian Retreat:

4-nights in a private retreat space in Kona with ocean views + 2-nights at the Hawaiian Sanctuary on the Hilo side for a 7-day Hawaii Retreat!
Daily Movement and Emotional Healing Practices and more!
Private Tour at Hawaii’s Peace Garden “Paleaku”
Private Dolphin Encounter
Exclusive Blu Room Energy Healing Session 
Special Internal Cleansing Session at the Hawaiian Sanctuary
Weight Loss Obstacle Releasing Hike at the Volcano 
Most meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (Two on your own so you can explore.)
Celebration ceremony 
Transportation to all experiences (Excludes pick-up and drop off at the airport)
(Airfare Not Included)

Retreat Dates:

It is HIGHLY recommended that you join the retreat during your End Dieting Hell 90-Day program and if you are unable to, you may join another retreat date.

2020 Dates are:

June 20-26

Oct 17-23

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Do these challenges sound like you?

Watch video to learn Carol’s biggest challenge before and after her retreat!

Watch the video above to learn Kaylee’s biggest challenge before and after her retreat!

Watch the video above to learn why Maggie signed up for the retreat. 

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When we chat I’ll share insights you’ll never learn in a gym that will start your journey toward a body you love and there is NO OBLIGATION to join us!

Participant’s Favorite Experiences:

Carol’s Insight About Her Favorite Experience!

Watch Maggie’s Magical Moment!

Watch Kayleen’s Favorite Moment!

 If It’s Time to Have A Physical, Mental and Emotional Experience Living in a Body You Love, Join Me On the Big Island…You’ll Be Glad You did!

I look forward to seeing you!

Your Retreat Guide,
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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996
PS The Big Island calls to you when it’s time for a major shift in your life. She did that to me as well. If she’s calling to your heart, join me for a life-changing experience that will shift everything for you!