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Do You Want To SUPER-CHARGE Your Weight Loss Results?!

ONLY 2-Spots Left To The...

Self-Esteem, Weight Loss, And Soul Healing

7-Day Hawaii Retreat (Oct 19-25)!

A Hawaiian Retreat Designed To Double Your Weight Loss Results!

Ready to Feel Better, Look Better and Release Inner Conflict?!

In this retreat you will…

  • Lose inches EASILY as the healing energy of the Big Island works her magic!
  • Fall in LOVE with Yourself and give-up the story that you’re not good enough!
  • Feel more confident and have higher self-esteem than you have in… FOREVER!
  • END Food Obsession and Find Peace with Every Meal!
  • Experience NEW feelings about yourself and your life that bring you joy!

You Will Leave The Island Refreshed Living In A Body You LOVE!

What Your Super-Charged Weight Loss Retreat Looks Like:

Day One: Arrive, Release and Surrender
airplane taking offYou will…

  • Arrive in Kona Hawaii (KOA) on Oct 19th
  • Settle into your private retreat space with swimming pool and ocean view and feel your body surrender to the peace that is Aloha.
  • Experience your first self-confident healing practice and know you were meant to be here! 
  • Feel the magic of the Big Island supporting you to release your inner conflict!

It’s Time To Get Away and Return A New Woman In A New Body!

Retreat Begins at 4pm HST

Day Two: Higher Self-Esteem and NEW Confidence Emerge

You will…

  • Awaken to the sounds of the island and realize things are changing for the Better!
  • Experience A Soul Hunting Retrieval Journey into the depths of yourself that will return you to a Whole and Complete YOU!
  • Take an Ancient Mayan Purification Healing Bath and Realize the Old You is Washing AWAY!
  • Swim in the warm waters of Hawaii and feel a new YOU emerging!
  • Finish your day feeling more self-esteem than you knew was in your heart!

(The pic on the right is the actual place you’ll be staying!)

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. ”— Golda Meir

Day Three: Release Shame and Embrace Joy!

You will…

  • Start your morning with a soul connection practice that leaves you invigorated and proud of who you are!
  • Experience a PRIVATE session Swimming with dolphins as you embrace joy and feel happy!
  • Experience what True Rest and Relaxation are WITHOUT the Negative Self-Critic and Shame! (That is possible for you!)
  • End your day with an Emotional Connection Practice that keeps your experience in your heart and helps you feel more self-love than Ever! 

“In this world it’s harder than ever to find something extraordinary but once in a while a symbol of hope breaks through.”— Dolphin Tale

Day Four: Release Self-Doubt and Feel Peaceful In Your Body

Today is a day of gentle self-love practices and an enchanting evening with Manta Rays!

You will…

  • Enjoy a mid-morning soul connection and healing practice that will leave you with deeper self-love.
  • Get out and feel your new found self-confidence as you explore beautiful Holualoa village above Kona town.
  • Feel peaceful in your body as you release self-doubt and open to a new way of being!
  • Spend an enchanted evening with Amazing Manta Rays and discover the new woman you’re becoming!

Manta Rays do not have teeth. They do summersaults to scoop up plankton into their mouths and do it right under you! It’s Amazing and will leave with a new feeling of wonder in your body! (This is my favorite adventure on the island and it’s optional.)

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Day Five: Let Go Of Your BIGGEST Weight Loss Obstacles

You will…

  • Enjoy a relaxing mid-morning movement and soul connection practice.
  • Experience a Volcano Obstacle Releasing hike as you leave your BIGGEST obstacles to losing weight at the volcano to be transformed in Madam Pele’s fire.
  • Explore Hawaiian culture and have an Amazing dinner feeling confident, safe and trusting yourself around food!
  • Feel a new found Freedom and Power you never knew you had! 

This will be a day of emotional release, spiritual growth, connection and fun…being at the volcano is VERY Powerful!

“One day you may realize the power you have inside. If you create the life you want, you used your power well.”

— Nav-Vii

Day Six: Release Food Obsession and Celebrate Living In A Body You Love!

Today is a relaxing day of rest, connection and celebration!

You will…

  • Enjoy a relaxing mid-morning movement mediation and emotional connection practice.
  • Walk around beautiful Kona Town noticing you’re trusting yourself around food and feeling more ease and peaceful with each meal.
  • Realize the food obsession is leaving your body!
  • Celebrate your experience with a beautiful Luau feeling safe around food.
  • End your final day with an incredible celebration ceremony that leaves you excited to return home being a woman in LOVE with Herself and Her Life! 

“Life changes very quickly in very positive ways, if you let it.”

— Lindsey Vonn

Day Seven: Depart A Women In Love With Herself and Her Life!

You will leave your retreat today and your experiences will last a lifetime!

Today you will…

  • Experience a morning movement and your last emotional connection practice.
  • Learn an integration method to keep your experiences in your heart when you return home.
  • Look in the mirror and feel different about the amazing image staring back at you!
  • Discover you’re not the same woman who landed on the island 7-days prior and you feel GREAT!

Retreat Ends at 11am HST

“Aloha Is A Value, One Of Unconditional Love. It Is The Outpouring And Receiving Of The Spirit.” -The ways of Aloha

I now feel I CAN live in a body I Love!

I was so overwhelmed I almost canceled. I didn't feel I could pause for 4-days and take time for myself. I'm so glad I didn't cancel. Taking the time to come here, and slow-down, I now feel that I CAN live a life I love, in a body I love. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going so fast trying to give to the world and ignoring their own health to come, pause, be in this beautiful setting, with this beautiful teacher and learn to take good care of yourself.





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Yes, I Want To SUPER-CHARGE My Weight Loss Results!

Here’s What’s Included In My Hawaiian Weight Loss & Healing Retreat:

6-nights and 7-day stay in a private retreat space with pool and ocean views ($2100 value)
Daily Movement and Emotional Healing Practices, Ancient Mayan Purification Bath, Soul Hunting Retrieval Journey ($1700 value)
Commune with Dolphins in a Private Experience ($225 value)
Manta Ray Experience ($150 value)
Volcano Obstacle Releasing hike ($200 value)
Most meals (Two on your own): Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ($550 value)
Celebration ceremony and luau ($200 value)
Pick and drop off at airport and to all experiences ($375 value)

Total Value: $5,500

Only 2-Spots Left!

Are You Ready To SUPER-CHARGE Your Weight Loss Results?

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I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally

“I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after taking Michelle’s program “Get the body you love in 90 days”. I have shifted old habits and have formed new ones and it feels good. I am deeply grateful for this life and body that I have to experience this life in! I am also deeply grateful to the other participants from whom I bonded with and learned from. Michelle, know that you have changed my life for the better forever and I am deeply grateful for your love and guidance.”

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans


I have new ways of leading a life I really want

Before this retreat, I felt stuck in my routines and wanted to learn new tools to get unstuck. After the retreat, I feel I have new ways of leading a life I really want. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the way they feel and their energy and living a life they really love.

Michelle was super awesome the way she organized it

  "Before this retreat, I was looking for something that would help me find more self-love and translate that into becoming a healthier person. Michelle was super awesome the way she organized it. There were moving meditations and educational tools. I'd recommend this to any woman looking for something to help them to get closer to being happy and filling the joy in their heart of who they want to be.
Your Fitness Ally,
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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996