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MONEY MONDAY: Butt, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Bring in more money and abundance
4pm, 5:20pm

TOGETHER TUESDAY: Arms, Back & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create better relationships
9am, 5:20pm
WORLD  HEALING WEDNESDAY: Thighs, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Heal the planet and our hearts
9am, 12:10pm & 4pm
TRUSTING THURSDAY: Chest, Arms & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Trust that you are taken care of & on the right path
9am, 5:20pm
FREEDOM FRIDAY: Functional Movement, Fat Burning Intervals, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: All people are free, safe and at peace
9am & 12:10pm
FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH: Full-Body Toning, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create a joyful and easy month with synchronicity and love
9am PST 

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42 comments on “GetFitLiveClassesLink”

  1. Ana Tejada Reply

    Thanks Michelle. The workouts during the free weeks were AMAZING and I’m happy to say that I will be join your Get Fit Program. I can’t even imagine not working out on a regular basis anymore. The way you teach is amazing and perfect fit for me. 🙂

  2. Holly Reply

    I like that you start the class with “I get to do this workout…” Whenever I am having trouble I just keep moving or stretching and listen to the words you are staying and it is all positive and helps me feel happy. Thanks.

    • Michelle Reply

      Yeah! Thanks for your comment Holly. That is Exactly why I do these workouts the way I do. =)

  3. Marie Reply

    Thank you so much! The classes I’ve been able to catch on replay I’ve really liked. You’re a blessing!