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MONEY MONDAY: Butt, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Bring in more money and abundance
4pm, 5:20pm

TOGETHER TUESDAY: Arms, Back & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create better relationships
9am, 5:20pm
WORLD  HEALING WEDNESDAY: Thighs, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Heal the planet and our hearts
9am, 12:10pm & 4pm
TRUSTING THURSDAY: Chest, Arms & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Trust that you are taken care of & on the right path
9am, 5:20pm
FREEDOM FRIDAY: Functional Movement, Fat Burning Intervals, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: All people are free, safe and at peace
9am & 12:10pm
FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH: Full-Body Toning, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create a joyful and easy month with synchronicity and love
9am PST 

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  1. Ana Tejada

    Thanks Michelle. The workouts during the free weeks were AMAZING and I’m happy to say that I will be join your Get Fit Program. I can’t even imagine not working out on a regular basis anymore. The way you teach is amazing and perfect fit for me. 🙂

    1. Michelle

      Thank you, Ana! I’m thrilled to train with you. =)

  2. Holly

    I like that you start the class with “I get to do this workout…” Whenever I am having trouble I just keep moving or stretching and listen to the words you are staying and it is all positive and helps me feel happy. Thanks.

    1. Michelle

      Yeah! Thanks for your comment Holly. That is Exactly why I do these workouts the way I do. =)

  3. Marie

    Thank you so much! The classes I’ve been able to catch on replay I’ve really liked. You’re a blessing!

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