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Plus, get a Bonus workout you can do now called, “Life Feels Good!”

This workout was filmed in Bali, gives you positive affirmations to feel good about life and works out your butt, back, and abs!

If you are stressed out, you should do this workout right away! It’s only 22-minutes long and you will LOVE IT! Oh Yeah!

Comments From Last Week Participants (Thank You!):

Love the workout! Wish it was longer!” Ilka

Awesome class- Freedom Friday! Just enough challenge. Loved the functional exercises. The affirmations made me feel safe and secure and made me appreciate my body and the world I live in! Thank you!!!” – Diane

“Day two for me and I’m loving it. Love the three levels for each workout. Gives me the confidence to start at a higher level and the option to drop back down to a lower level if it gets difficult.” -Ana

Thanks for another great class. Did Freedom Friday in replay. Just what I needed. balance & functional movement. The affirmations help your body & mind.” -Barbara

“I feel great after every workout, even the soreness feels good since its a sign I’m doing something great for my body and mind. 🙂 Thank you very much for having this program, It’s awesome and I love it! ” -Ana

Thanks, Michelle! Loved this workout. I enjoy the combination of stretching, weights, and positive affirmations.” -Holly

Got your info kinda last minute….almost said to heck with it…so glad I didn’t.” -Treeva

Why Train With Me:

I’m Michelle Melendez, and I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996.  I’ve trained hundreds of women all over the world to feel great and look great in their bodies.

When you train live with me you’ll see that exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore!

You will get fit with my unique fusion of Pilates, strength, endurance training, balance & functional movement that…

  • Are doable at ANY fitness level!
  • Releases tension throughout your body and nervous system!
  • Improve your posture and may even leave you feeling taller!
  • Increase your strength & flexibility as you firm-up!
  • Focus on positive affirmation with your workouts to help shift your life for the better and have a wonderful impact on our planet

All in 30-minutes or less!

Workout With Me & Start Feeling Great In Your Body!
You Deserve That!


30-Minute LIVE Online Class Schedule:

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(All classes on Pacific Standard Time (PST))

Days: Class Description
Time In PST

Coming Soon
MONEY MONDAY: Butt, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Bring in more money and abundance
4pm, 5:20pm

TOGETHER TUESDAY: Arms, Back & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create better relationships
9am, 5:20pm
WORLD  HEALING WEDNESDAY: Thighs, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Heal the planet and our hearts
9am, 12:10pm & 4pm
TRUSTING THURSDAY: Chest, Arms & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Trust that you are taken care of & on the right path
9am, 5:20pm
FREEDOM FRIDAY: Functional Movement, Fat Burning Intervals, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: All people are free, safe and at peace
9am & 12:10pm
FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH: Full-Body Toning, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create a joyful and easy month with synchronicity and love
9am PST 
More Testimoinals Of What Women Think Of My Workouts:

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

It’s like no other program around!

“Thank you so much for your inspiring workouts! I love the positive affirmations involved in each workout session. I couldn't wait to exercise with you again!Your energetic and motivational program has helped me reach my health goals with a lot of FUN! It's like no other program around. Thank you so much!”

Annette Chambers


Annette Chambers

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT!

“I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT! I really appreciate the affirmations woven into the workouts!”

Laurel Jacobs


Laurel Jacobs


I LOVE this workout!

“I LOVE this workout! My body feels so alive after just 10 minutes or whatever- I forget that I ALWAYS have 10 minutes to work out, and it always GIVES me energy when I do… Thank you Michelle!!!”

Sage Levine


Sage Levine


Love how I feel after working out!

“Love how I feel after working out! So glad you help me incorporate 10 minutes (as I move up to the full 20)! No excuses anymore!”

Michelle K.


Michelle K.


I feel so much more energetic

“This is day two of these workouts and I feel so much more energetic and awake and loving life!”

Anne Martine


Anne Martine


Grab Your Spot For   Free  Live Workouts  + Bonus Workout!


I look forward to training with you live!

Your Trainer,

Michelle Melendez-Founder of Women Being Fit

P.S. Teaching fitness has been a passion of mine for so long. Let me train you to make getting and staying fit easier and more enjoyable than you think! =)