Tone Your Body Living Aloha Style

21-Day Workout Program

For centuries the Hawaiians have kept the secret of how to keep life simple and I’m sharing them with you in this 21-day program!

If life can seem overwhelming at times, try a fitness program that releases stress both in your mind and body as you tone and firm-up. This 21-day workout series will tone every muscle in your body with positive affirmations to bring in more ease and flow into your life.

Get ready to firm-up and start living Aloha style.

Tone your entire body and bring ease and flow into your life!

This course will take you to tropical places all over the Big Island of Hawaii. You will tone and firm your upper and lower body, strengthen your core with Pilates, increase your flexibility and balance and feel the aloha spirit.

Plus, there are six living Aloha style tips that will help you release overwhelm and stress as you open up to a new way of being.

What’s included: 

  • 21-day fun and easy to follow workouts and rest routines received through your inbox every day
  • 6- 20 to 30- minute Tone Your Body workouts that include positive affirmations inspiring you to Live Aloha Style
  • 6-mp3 Guided cardio practices to download that take you through a positive life experience as you do a cardio routine of your choice
  • 6-Living Aloha style tips  that give you insights on creating a life of more ease and flow
  • (Optional) Exercise game you can play online or download to your iPhone to keep you on track and inspired to reach your goals
  • (Optional) Private Facebook Get Fit with Love community to get support from Michelle and other like-minded women

As you go through your program you will…

  • Feel the Aloha spirit with every workout
  • Watch as your body firms up with each exercise practice
  • Be guided to living a life of ease and flow instead of overwhelm and stress
  • Start to see yourself from a new perspective as a fit and healthy woman
  • Begin to enjoy working out
  • Become a member of a Fitness community that has your back
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Make fitness fun

Are you ready to… 

  • Workout with love instead of from a “need to” perspective
  • Tone and firm up every muscle in your body
  • Make exercise fun and a whole lot easier to fit into your schedule
  • See your life from a new perspective and bring in more ease and flow

 What women think of this workout series

I have release 16lbs and am loving it!

“I’ve been working out now 3 x’s a week, have released 16lbs and am loving it! I attribute this change in my life to you and your program. I appreciate all you do and stand for and I wanted to thank you for your program!!! Thank you so much for the work that you do!”

Paula Marsh


Paula Marsh


Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising

“Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising at least 5 days every week. It’s starting to feel like a vital part of my life again and I’m loving that.”

Anita Breeze


Anita Breeze


Love how I feel after working out!

“Love how I feel after working out! So glad you help me incorporate 10 minutes (as I move up to the full 20)! No excuses anymore!”

Michelle K.


Michelle K.


How does it work?

When you sign up you will have immediate access to your Member site that hosts your Tone Your Body Living Aloha Style workout program. You can access your program anytime, anywhere. It Never expires! Yep, you’ll be able to come back again and again to your favorite workout!

Also, starting today, you will receive a daily email guiding you through your 21-program.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own! I’ll not only guide you through your program but you’ll also have lifetime access to me through our private Facebook community.

Yes, LIFETIME ACCESS to both your workout program and our private Get Fit with Love Facebook community.

Lastly, I’ve created a fun exercise game that you can play online or download to your iPhone to stay motivated and inspired to reach your goals. Guess what? You’ll have Lifetime access to that too! Oh Yeah!

Ready To Tone Your Body Living Aloha Style?

I’m committed to make your fitness fun AND affordable!

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21-Workout Series


Again, Why Give You Payment Options?

I love what I do and I trust you. If this feels like the right program for you, I don’t want money to be an issue. I trust that you’ll pay the amount that works best for you and honors me as your trainer. I am being the change I want to see in the world.

I’m excited to support you, sister. Let’s get you fit together!

Your Fitness Ally,

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P.S. It’s not a mistake you found me! You were asking for something different and now you’re here. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Welcome. 😊