Get Ready To Tone Your Entire Body And Increase Your Self-Esteem & Confidence!

This 6-week workout series will firm you up and, using positive affirmations, will help you create more self-esteem! Oh Yeah!

How Many Times Have You Put Yourself Down Because You…

  • Are not in shape
  • Ate something you shouldn’t have
  • Don’t feel good enough
  • Didn’t stick-up for yourself
  • Can’t fit into your clothes and feel ashamed or embarrassed
  • Fill in the blank: ___________

If it is time to give yourself a break and start feeling better physically and emotionally Then this workout and healing program is for you!

20% Of Your Program Goes to Support The Animals Affected By the Australian Bush Fires.

After hearing of the devastation these fires have caused I had to find a way to help out.

The Tone Your Body and Create More Self-Love and Confidence Six-Week program is the answer!

Not only will you tone and firm your upper and lower body, strengthen your core with Pilates, increase your flexibility and balance and listen to positive affirmations that help you create more self-love and confidence, but 20% of your program goes to help the animals who have lost their homes and suffered in the fires.

I know if you’re reading this, your soul has been through so much in this life.

If you’ve felt abandoned, alone, rejected, not good enough, and you’ve put yourself down over and over again, it’s time for a change!

What Your Program Includes

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    21-day easy to follow online program with email reminders sent to you daily

  • Six 20-30 minute Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood workouts that include positive affirmations to create more self-love and confidence
  • Six Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart guided cardio practices under 30-minutes that will guide you to burn the most fat at your fitness level as you release stress and open to more confidence and love
  • Six Emotional transformation lessons that shift how you see yourself so you can create something new
  • Six Simple nutrition tips or recipes to help your body naturally release inches
  • Private Be Fit with Love online community to get support from me and other like-minded women

It’s A Complete 6-Week Mental and Physical Workout Program!

Are you willing to give yourself permission to tone-up and be happy?

It’s going to feel different!


  • Doing quick and fun workouts that firm you-up and burn fat in under 30-minutes?
  • Learning simple emotional transformation lessons that release self-doubt and increase confidence and self-love?
  • Seeing yourself from a new perspective and immediately feel happy?
  • Turning your body into a fat burning machine?
  • Enjoying working out?
  • Making fitness fun?


Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

It’s like no other program around!

“Thank you so much for your inspiring workouts! I love the positive affirmations involved in each workout session. I couldn't wait to exercise with you again!Your energetic and motivational program has helped me reach my health goals with a lot of FUN! It's like no other program around. Thank you so much!”

Annette Chambers


Annette Chambers

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising

“Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising at least 5 days every week. It’s starting to feel like a vital part of my life again and I’m loving that.”

Anita Breeze


Anita Breeze


How Your Program Works

Starting today you will have Lifetime Access to your online member site that hosts your 21-day program. You can access your program anytime, anywhere. It Never expires! Once it’s yours, it’s yours FOREVER!

You will receive your first training email once you join and your 21-day program will begin! After that, every day you’ll receive an email reminder to do the next practice in your 21-day program.

Each day of your program will focus on one of the following:

  1. Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood online exercise practice under 30-minutes that will firm-up every muscle in your body as you hear and say positive affirmations that create more confidence and self-love
  2. Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart guided cardio practice under 30-minutes that helps you burn the most fat at your fitness level and guides your heart to release stress and move toward love and ease (download or listen online)
  3. Simple nutrition tip or recipe to help you burn fat naturally AND a 3-4 minute emotional transformation lesson that shifts how you see and think about yourself so you release self-doubt, guilt, shame, and embarrassment and move toward confidence and self-love

You don’t have to figure it out on your own! You’ll be guided every step of the way! Plus, you’ll also have lifetime access to me through our private online community.

This program was so much fun to create for you!

Love how I feel after working out!

“Love how I feel after working out! So glad you help me incorporate 10 minutes (as I move up to the full 20)! No excuses anymore!”

Michelle K.


Michelle K.


Yes, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to Both your member site and our private Be Fit with Love Facebook community.

Ready To Tone Your Body And Create More Confidence and Self-Love?

One Payment With Lifetime Access!


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Join Here visa_mastercard_paypal_

(No Extra Fees or Charges! That’s All You Pay FOREVER!)

20% Goes To Support The Animals Affect By The Australia Bush Fires!

It’s believed that more than 25,000 Koalas have been killed because of the fires. Not to mention the millions of other animals injured or dead.

I more than happy to send 20% of your program investment to support these beautiful animals.

If you’d like to chat live, please get on my calendar click here 

I’m thrilled to be your trainer, sister.

Let’s get you fit together!

Your Live in a Body You Love Ally,

Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996


P.S. Visiting Australia was a dream come true! I’m so happy to offer this program and support the animals in Australia. Many blessings sent to the people affect by the fires and all the firemen and women who’ve put their lives on the line. Much Mahalo!

I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT!

“I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT! I really appreciate the affirmations woven into the workouts!”

Laurel Jacobs


Laurel Jacobs