Healing For the Planet & Freedom For All

Yes! Thank you for showing up today!

You get to choose a practice below and tone up your body! Remember you “GET” to do this practice! You don’t have to! You GET TO! Oh Yeah!

What you need
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Pilates Fit Ball
  • Light and heavier pair of free weights
  • Muscle tension release ball
  • Exercise band
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Click on the practice that speaks to your heart today
I Feel Safe and Secure (Balance, intervals, Pilates)

Freedom & Safety For All (Balance, Intervals, Pilates)

Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice post below how it went for you! Then, go to your “Game” page and post at the bottom so we can move you up your game scale! Go to: https://womenbeingfit.com/game/