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Food Reset And Detox?

Message from Founder: Michelle Melendez
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Why do you need a Food Reset and Detox?

Many people don’t realize it but food affects your body’s…

  • Emotions/Mood
  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Digestion
  • Immune system
  •  And a TON more!

In this powerful 6-week program you will transform your relationship with food and understand how to release inches so you feel, lighter, cleaner, have more energy and clarity and understand food like never before!


Ask yourself…how do you feel?

  • Are you tired all the time?
  • Feel bloated after meals?
  • Have extra weight that doesn’t budge?
  • Do you walk through your day with a fuzzy brain?
  • Do you crave certain foods and eat them even if you are not hungry?
  • When you eat can you stop comfortably or do you have to finish your plate and even help other’s complete their meal?


Then Its Time For A Food RESET And Detox!!!

I was never hungry


Lori Spaeth's Results and Comments (Listen Now)!

"I have lost almost 20lbs and I feel great! As you can see I'm not young but I feel young. One thing I have to say about this program is, I was never hungry. That was a big deal. It was a little bit of a commitment but boy was it worth it! Everyone has noticed how much better I look and I notice how much better I feel!"

Lori Spaeth


Lori Spaeth


Why I created the Food Reset and Detox Program:

Have you been to the grocery story lately?

In my work as a fitness expert since 1996, I’ve seen people consistently sabotage their efforts to get fit at the grocery store without even knowing it! Many times they think they are buying healthy food, but the results they want in their body, and health  show otherwise. 

What you may not realize is that the food industry creates unhealthy food that you can become addicted to and can actually do more harm than good for your body.


factHere are some startling facts:

  • Packaged foods often seem to make your life easier, but can rob your body of crucial vitamins and minerals that support your body staying healthy! 
  • The food industry has developed a unique combination of sugar, salt and fat that triggers a bliss-factor in your brain that creates an addictive behavior for that food. If you’ve ever felt you can’t stop with just one, now you know why. (scary)
  • What you eat affects your mood and energy in a BIG way! Food creates chemical reactions in your brain that affect how you feel more than you think.
  • 80% of weight loss is related to nutrition. Working out is great and if you want to see MAJOR results around your waist, you must rest your metabolism and understand food! 

Labels can be misleading. I often see women putting products in their shopping cart that read: whole-grain, Fat-free, Lowers cholesterol. Those statements are meant to have you believe that product is healthy when in fact, it’s not. They can be loaded with sugar, preservatives and ingredients that have NO nutritional value!

A big problem is you think you’re eating healthy when in reality you haven’t nourished your cells at all. They are starving for good nutrition so guess what?

You’ll be hungry again soon! And when you overeat foods that don’t actually nourish the body or give you real energy, that food gets stored as fat. Ugh! 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The good news is that the body is resilient and LOVES to be fed well. It doesn’t take long to retrain your brain and your body, so you get the results you want.

It’s time to take back your power and your health!

Maggie testimonial about the weight loss program

This detox program was AWESOME!

“This detox program was AWESOME!This program helped me reset my thinking about food and supplements. My body feels much healthier and my entire being feels more positive. The whole process was invigorating and inspiring.Since beginning this program and the live Pilates Cardiocamp class, I have lost over 20 pounds, lots of inches and have dropped 2 pants sizes as well as a size smaller top – lost loads of back fat.The detox class was a fantastic way of bringing my fitness and well being to the next level.

Maggie Heilman


Maggie Heilman

Maggie testimonial about the weight loss program


Why should you learn from me?

Michelle MelendezMy name is is Michelle Melendez and I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996! That is nearly 20 years!!

I have 15 different fitness certifications, have taken tons of fitness and health courses and have taught thousands of hours of exercise classes over the years!

Some of my courses and certifications include: weight loss specialist, metabolism reset, food for weight loss and optimal health, what to eat and many more!

I’ve trained women ALL over the world how to release weight and inches off their body and what I LOVE to do more than anything is support women in building strength, releasing body fat and improve their overall health to live healthy, energetic and happy lives!

Believe me when I say I LOVE what I do! And I KNOW I can support you through this! Oh Yeah!

Moira testimonial about the weight loss program

Michelle made this program a life changing experience!

“Being a Nurse Practitioner, I felt my knowledge about nutrition was pretty good. Was I wrong!I learned so much from this program. I feel I am a more informed consumer and can make choices that honor keeping my body as healthy as possible.I have incorporated much of the programs principles to my lifestyle and feel healthier. I have lost some unwanted weight as well.Michelle is an inspirational teacher and made this program a life changing experience!”

Moira Whyte Shearer


Moira Whyte Shearer

Moira testimonial about the weight loss program

How to Know If Your Body Needs A Detox:

  • question-markYou feel bloated after eating or have other digestive issues
  • You’re tired most of the day
  • You have trouble thinking clearly like you have a foggy brain
  • You have excess weight that won’t seem to budge

If any of those are you, it’s time for the Food Reset and Detox!


How the Food Reset and Detox Program Works: 

This program is a 5-week video series so you can get started right away! I take you step-by-step through your program to reset your food and detox your body!

You will access to me though…

  • Private member site
  • Private facebook page
  • Email

Here is the overview of your five-week program:

Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek FourWeek Five



You will prepare your kitchen and your brain so you are the MOST successful you can be on your program!

This week is VITAL! You’ll have a check off list that will guide you making it super easy! There will be fun practices to do to start rewiring your brain so it wants to make healthy choices!



This week is all about slowly shifting bad habits to good. You’ll take your measurements to have a starting point to measure your results. You’ll begin using a few recipes in your cookbook. You’ll discover your BIGGEST obstacles and we’ll create a plan together so we can shift them!

Get ready to create a clear picture of where you are headed! You’re starting this journey slow and easy!



This week the rubber hits the road! You will start your 10-day detox and start resetting your body’s systems. Get ready to start sleeping better, having more energy and giving your body optimal health for the best quality of life you can have!

Discover how easy it can be to detox your body without feeling hungry! Oh Yeah!



This week you will complete your detox and we’ll make a plan for moving ahead. You will discover what is going well and where are you being challenged. We’ll create you plan for your last week so you can easily take what you’ve learned into your life!

It’s time to know what good health feels like!



You’ll take your measurements again to see how many inches you’ve released, never to be found again! We’ll set up a plan for how to take what you’ve learned into your life! You’ll learn how to give yourself permission to have what you want in a way that honors and supports your health.

Get ready to discover many inside tips on what healthy fit people do on a regular basis to stay fit, energetic and healthy!


Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen!

With the proper guidance, support and inspiration you’ll create a food plan that works with your busy schedule and leaves your body feeling it’s BEST!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful, so I’m including these Powerful Bonuses:



Belly Fat Freedom Audio Program

You will have access to this audio program that you can listen to at your convenience.



  • What belly fat is and what to do about it!
  • What two supplements you should ALWAYS take if you want a healthy gut!
  • What married women should NEVER do if they want less belly fat!
  • 12 yummy foods that help your body release belly fat naturally and keep you satisfied
  • Tons more!

If you struggle with belly fat, this program is for you!

Retail $247

To see the full program Click here


I LOVED this program!!

“I LOVED this program!! Huge problems for me were gaining/loosing weight for years off and on, major digestive issues, like boating (every day), and belly fat (couldn’t seem to get past the plateau).By the end of this program, each of my problems were fixed! I feel like I was given so much information and so many great tools, it has been amazing!When I lost weight in the past, I lost inspiration and gave up and went back to my old eating habits. This time with all these tools, I have been able to stick with a new lifestyle and in return the weight has been coming off!Measurements: 6 weeks, BMI: Before 26/ After 24.9, Waist Circumference: Before 34/ After 32.5”

Laura Barone


Laura Barone



Three Keys Every Busy Woman MUST Do First To Be Heathy!

Do you struggle with making time to get fit? Then, this audio was created for you! 


  • How to know if your body is unable to release body fat and what to do about it
  • Key Exercises ALL women should do to stay fit and healthy
  • What most busy women do every day that is killing them
  • And More!


What to Eat? (Video Series) $97 value



  • 7 Keys to Make Nutrition Easy!
  • Best breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner recipes + easy insights!
  • 7 Super foods to help you feel GREAT!
  • Top 6 foods to avoid at ALL costs!
  • Supplements that burn the most body fat!
  • How to eliminate sugar cravings for good!
  • What to eat made easy guide!

“What to Eat” is latest information on nutrition! I’ve researched and researched what is most important for optimal health and have broken it down in an easy to read 10 page format that you will LOVE!

Get ready to finally understand nutrition!


Let’s Recap:

  • What you eat affects: your mood, energy, clarity, digestion, bloating, weight loss!
  • There are foods you eat everyday that are starving your body of needed nutrients!
  • The food industry designs food to hit the “Bliss Factor” in your brain which creates a chemical reaction and you feel out of control craving more of that food! Ugh!
  • If you are low in energy, struggle with being bloated or feel like you have brain fog, your body is CALLING for a Detox!

Program Includes:

Your Weeks:

  • Week One: Prepare and rewire your brain
  • Week Two: Discover your biggest obstacles and start off slow
  • Week Three: Start your 10-day detox
  • Week Four: Complete you detox and lean how to take what you’ve learned into your life
  • Week Five: How to take what you’ve learned into your life and discover MORE healthy tips that will surprise you!
  • Week Six: You’re feeling a TON better eating foods that nourishes your body and you realize you can take this new plan into your daily life!

Bonuses Include:

  • Belly Fat Freedom (6-week audio program) Retail $247
  • Three Keys Every Busy Woman MUST Do First To Be Heathy (audio) $47 value
  • What to Eat (video series) Recipes for Breakfast, lunch & dinner $97 value

Who This Program Is NOT For:

Those who want…

  • A quick fix.
  • To keep eating foods that leave them feeling bloated with low energy.
  • A “diet” program

Who This Program Is For:

This program is for you if you are ready to…

  • Understand how food affects your body!
  • Eat differently and in a way that gives you more energy and better health!
  • Stop the sugar cravings and be in control trusting yourself around food!
  • Start feeling GREAT in your body with More Energy and Better Health!

Now it’s your turn to decided!

dollarYou could hire a nutrition coach and spend probably a minimum of $500. That would be around 2-3 hours of their time.

Then you’d have to go home and do all the work yourself and.. by yourself. How fun is that?

Plus, many nutritionists don’t teach you things like…

  • 7 things that kill off your digestive enzymes
  • 3 body functions that keep you overweight and what to do about them
  • #1 thing most married women do that keeps them out of shape
  • And more!

Join me and discover what true health feels like in a fun program you can do anywhere!



You’re protected by my “I Love This Program” Guarantee.

I’m confident that when you join me, you’re going to get a TON of value. I also know that if you follow the program, you will start having MUCH better health! Just to back that up, I’ll give you until after your 2nd week in your program! Go to the online site and see what’s there for you! Watch your first couple videos and discover for yourself if this is the right program for you! If you decide it’s not for you, let me know within 24 hours AFTER your 2nd week! I’ll give you 100% of your investment back! No reason needed. That is how much I believe in the work I do!

After this program I am down 8 pounds

"Before this program I was stuck in a rut and eating foods that made me feel tired and grumpy even though I loved eating my comfort foods.After this program I am down 8 pounds and feeling more energy and I feel that I have shifted and not so addicted to those comfort foods.I would recommend this program if you feel sluggish or unhealthy. I feel liberated and much more knowledgeable about what I need to do to move forward and make my future different from my past."

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans




Yes, Michelle, I’m ready for a Food Reset and Detox!

One Payment

Regular Membership: $227

Limited Time offer: $97

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One Last Tip:

If you don’t enroll in this program and feel you need to do something, find another program that will work for you!

If you’ve read everything on this page and it makes sense to you, but I don’t feel like the right trainer for you, there are programs out there to support you.

If I’m the right trainer for you, join me!

Please Don’t Go Through Another Year NOT Feeling Your BEST!
Life Is Short!

I recently had someone I know transition (die). Two friends I know personally have cancer and are going through a major life challenge. I realized the other day I’m a year older than my favorite aunt would have been if she hadn’t transitioned from breast cancer!

Illness starts when the body is out of balance! Proper nutrition is the key to optimal health. Understanding your body and how it relates to food is the key to good nutrition and so the cycle goes!

If you’re ready to feel better in your body, believe me there are programs to support you! Mine is only one!

Find one that fits your lifestyle and that connects with who you are and DO IT! Your body, family and friends will thank you for reaching your optimal health! You’ll be around longer to enjoy life experiences and you’ll be very pleasant to be around because healthy people have the energy to be happy! 🙂

To your health,

Michelle Melendez

Michelle Melendez Signature

Michelle Melendez-Expert Trainer Since 1996

PS: I always say, “The right people who are meant to be my clients always find me!” I believe that goes both ways. The right trainer and programs will come to you when you are ready. 🙂 !

PSS: If your goal is optimal health and energy, then only doing workouts and not focusing on your nutrition is like only putting gas in your car and not focusing on oil changes and engine maintenance. Yep!