Food Reset and Detox: Completion

Week 10



  • What are the highlights you’re taking away?
  • Not a quick Fix
  • Your 6-9 foods
  • Meditation
Nutrition is not a quick fix

Nutrition is not a quick fix

You’ve spent your life eating the way you do.

Detoxing will reset your metabolism and now it’s up to you!

Here are five things that you can do to have your efforts from this program make a difference in your life:

  1. TRIGGER FOODS: Know the foods you’re most addicted to that do not serve your body and take action to keep those foods out of your house and off your plate.
  2. SUGAR: Understand sugar is in everything and harms your body and is created to cause addiction patterns in the brain. Read labels to see how much sugar content is in it.
  3. MEALS & FUN: Make planning and cooking your meals fun. Have a “make my body awesome” day where you prepare and plan your weekly meals. Put on music when you’re cooking or lite a candle. Think of ways to make preparing and planning your meals fun.  You may even want to start a vegetable garden. 😃
  4.  CLEAN BODY: Keep your body clean. Notice the lotions you’re putting on your body, the water you’re drinking and what is in the food you’re eating. Get used to reading labels and every now and then, do a search on an item in a label you’re not familiar with.
  5. TRUST YOURSELF: Do not trust the grocery stores, restaurants, or the food industry. Trust yourself and your intuition. When your body is clean and you’re feeding it whole foods your intuition can send you clear signals of what works best for you.
6-9 Food Items

You eat 6 to 9 of the same food every single week.

Are they serving your body?

What are the 6-9 foods that you each week?

Can you make healthier choices?

Remember you are comfortable and familiar with eating these foods. It’s very easy to grab them. They’re in your daily routine.

Shifting doesn’t have to be hard it just has to be consistent and sooner than you think you’ll be eating More nutritious foods and your body will thank you for it.


Importance of Meditation

90-95%  of your day is run automatically through your unconscious mind. You don’t have to think about how to shower, brush your teeth, put on make up. It’s almost automatic.

When you meditate you create alpha waves in your brain, which are the same waves that program your unconscious mind.  Therefore, you can start to reprogram your subconscious mind to a New Way of being by thinking of that new way of being as you meditate.

During your meditation you also are connecting to a source field that surrounds your entire body all the time.

What you think about empty space is not empty it’s actually energy that you’re walking through every single day.

This energy is feeling into your emotional vibrations that are emanating from your body.  Your emotional vibrations are magnetizing to you a match to whatever it is you’re vibrating at.

Your meditations don’t have to be long and they can make a huge difference in your life even if you spend only 10 minutes a day.

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