Do You Struggle With…

  • Weight that won’t budge no matter what you do?
  • Consistent stress and don’t know how to help your body cope?
  • Craving unhealthy foods especially sugar?
  • Digestive issues like: bloating, constipation, irregular bowel movements?
  • Energy, sleep, and focus?

This Detox Is For You!

6-Ways This Program Works For You:
  1. LiveWeekly Support So You’re Not Alone (Begins March 12th)!
  2. Detoxes the two main organs responsible for weight loss!
  3. Releases body fat, bloating and sugar cravings!
  4. Easy recipes that burn fat and give you more energy!
  5. Fun to follow progress chart helping you stay on track!
  6. 14-Day trial to see if this program is right for you!
14-Day Trial

I have lost almost 20lbs

"I have lost almost 20lbs and I feel great! As you can see I'm not young but I feel young. One thing I have to say about this program is, I was never hungry. That was a big deal. It was a little bit of a commitment but boy was it worth it! Everyone has noticed how much better I look and I notice how much better I feel!"

Lori Spaeth


Lori Spaeth



How Your Program Works:

Step-By-Step Guidance

Your personal progress chart, makes this program easy to start and FUN to follow! (see chart on your right)

I’ll personally coach you live online and take you step-by-step through your program.

How you’ll Boost your weight loss 10-20 lbs…

  • Week #1 “Ready”: Get ready to reset your body!
  • Week #2 “Set”: Pre-Detox making your cleanse easy and doable!
  • Week #3 “Go!”: 5-day Liver Cleanse to feel lighter and look younger!
  • Week #4 “Keep Going!”: 5-day Colon Cleanse to release inches, bloating and sugar cravings!
  • Week #5 “Integration”: Add what worked from the detox into your life!
  • Week #6 “Health-Plan”: Create your health-plan for the rest of the year!

If It’s Time To Release Inches and Rest Your Body So You Feel Your GREAT, Join Me!

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Michelle made this program a life changing experience!

“Being a Nurse Practitioner, I felt my knowledge about nutrition was pretty good. Was I wrong! I learned so much from this program. I feel I am a more informed consumer and can make choices that honor keeping my body as healthy as possible. I have incorporated much of the programs principles to my lifestyle and feel healthier. I have lost some unwanted weight as well. Michelle is an inspirational teacher and made this program a life changing experience!”

Moira Whyte Shearer


Moira Whyte Shearer


What Will You Detox And Why?

5-Day Liver Cleanse

Your first detox cleanses the #1 organ that releases the MOST toxins from your body…


Your liver is the largest organ in your body and is essential to your life. Without it you would die. 

It is responsible for cleansing your blood of alcohol, drugs, chemicals in your food, water and air, and destroying and neutralizing any poisonous substance that enters your body.

If your liver is compromised and not running efficiently, you will feel it and it will be challenging to lose weight! 

10-Signs Your Liver Needs A Detox: 

  1. Discomfort or bloating after eating
  2. Craving sweet, starchy or salty foods
  3. Struggle losing body fat
  4. Fatigue and dark circles under your eyes
  5. Difficulty concentrating/Foggy brain
  6. Often feel irritable and moody
  7. Itchy skin or other allergy symptoms
  8. Often sick
  9.  Unexplained headaches or other pains
  10. Trouble sleeping

When your liver is cleansed of overloaded toxins you’ll be able to release weight more quickly, have more energy, look younger and feel lighter!


I have lost 2 inches off my hips!

Before this program, I was uncomfortable in my body. I ate whatever I wanted to!  Now, I think about eating in a whole new way. I am never hungry, and I am no longer bloated. I have lost 2 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist! I have lost 8-10 pounds and more weight is coming off! There is some serious soul work that goes on when I work with Michelle!  I would especially recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck.  She is a master of getting people unstuck!  She is a precious gift to me and I am so thankful I found her!

Pam T.


Pam T.

I have lost 2 inches off my hips!

5-Day Colon Cleanse

Your second detox will cleanse the area of your body responsible for 3-VERY important functions…

  1. 80% of your immune system’s health
  2. Releasing weight quickly and easily
  3. Brain clarity and intuition (It’s known as your 2nd brain)

This Magic Organ Is Your Colon!

5-Signs Your Colon Needs A Detox:

  1. Weight that won’t budge
  2. Gassy and bloated after meals
  3. Bad breath
  4. Trouble Eliminating solid waste at least 2 x’s a day
  5. Lack of Energy and Mental Focus

Get ready to have your entire intestinal tract (25-30 ft) cleansed of any impacted fecal matter causing bloating, stubborn belly fat and sugar cravings!


Michelle’s program helped curb my sugar cravings!

I signed up because I had gestational diabetes so it is especially important that I eat carefully with respect to sugar. I have a definite sweet tooth but Michelle's program helped curb my sugar cravings! I really noticed a difference in my skin (it glowed) and had more energy when doing the program. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for anyone looking to jumpstart good healthy habits and curb sugar cravings

Suzy Allison


Suzy Allison


If Your Weight Won’t Budge, Detox To Give It The BOOST It Needs! 

It’s Important To Me That You Get The MOST Out Of This Program So I’m Including Some GREAT Bonuses!

Your Bonuses For Joining Me Include:

BONUS #1: Detox Supplements Mailed To You

There are body balancing supplements that support an easy detoxification and help with better clarity, energy and weight loss! I’m going to mail them to you! Of course, check with your doctor and make sure these supplements work for you especially if you’re on meds!

Detox Supplements:

4150E-GRN_f1 copy

  • Supplement #1: 5-day liver cleanse
  • Supplement #2: 5-day colon cleanse
  • Supplement #3: Improves the good flora in your gut!
  • 10-Day Detox Cookbook (150 recipes to release inches)!
See the description of supplements

Click Here

(Mailed to you in the US & Canada only. If you are joining outside these areas, please choose the info only payment option and you will be sent info on how to get your supplements.)
$100 value
BONUS #2: Complete What to Eat Library
This library was 12 years in the making! In this online library, you’ll discover…

  • 3 crucial elements to maintain a healthy body and healthy weight
  • 7 Superfoods to have in your nutrition plan
  • What foods to avoid
  • 3 types of foods to have every day
  • 6 keys to make nutrition easy
  • 10 supplements for optimal health and to release fat.
  • Plus, recipes ideas and More!

You’ll have so many questions answered! It’s time to make eating easy!

$97 value
BONUS #3: Belly Fat Freedom Audio-Program
I taught a 6-week program all about belly fat and I’m gifting you the entire program!


  • What belly fat is and what to do about it?
  • Two supplements you should ALWAYS take if you want a healthy gut!
  • What married women should NEVER do if they want less belly fat!
  • 12 yummy foods that help your body release belly fat naturally and keep you satisfied!
  • Tons more!
$97 value

Released 18 lbs and gone down 2 pants sizes

Before the detox, I was very frustrated about how much weight I had gained after menopause. My self-esteem was really affected and I didn’t fit into any of my clothes. I have tried many programs that gave me insight but nothing was able to give me the change in my behavior and habits like this program. After the detox, I have released 18 lbs and gone down 2 pants sizes. My closet is now exciting rather than depressing ...I can’t wait to see what will fit me again. I would recommend this program to anyone that needs comprehensive educational information about what healthy eating is and how to do it. Someone who needs accountability and support from Michelle and their peers. It seems like every day someone says I am glowing or how good I look and what have I changed. Well, it was Michelle’s detox program .....I highly recommend her and her program.

Karen,  Santa Cruz Ca


Karen,  Santa Cruz Ca


Questions & Answers
Common questions and answers here:

How much weight should I expect to lose?

I can’t guarantee how much weight you’ll release.

Members typically release anywhere from 8-20+ lbs in 6-weeks.

However, this program is more about cleansing your system and giving it a re-boot so your body can continue to release inches even after the program is over.

Do I have to eat certain foods?

You’ll receive a detox cookbook with 150 alkalizing recipes.  You will get the most benefit if your meals are made from your cookbook and you follow your morning detox shake menus.

However, this is your program and you can do it in a way that works best for you.

If you’re eating live (not processed) foods, eliminate dairy, meats and sugar, it should work for you.

I'm going out of town. Do I have to do the cleanse on a certain date?
I’ll be guiding your group through the cleanse on specified dates. Your first 5-day detox will start the third week of your program and the second 5-day detox on the fourth week.

However, if that doesn’t work with your schedule, do your cleanse when you get back.

I’ll be here to answer questions on whatever date you choose, provided it’s no more than 2-weeks after your program end date.

I'm on meds. How will this detox affect me?
You should ALWAYS check with your doctor before doing any fitness or detox program.

This program is designed to cleanse your liver and your colon to help your body run more optimally.

It should not contraindicate any medications you’re on and check with your doctor first. You are the best judge for what is safe and will work for you.

This program is not designed to cure or heal any aliments.

What are the detox supplements like?

All your detox supplements are made of non-GMO herbs and minerals and do not contain anything artificial.

They are designed by a company founded in 1998 with the goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. They are world-renowned for their research on the root cause of disease and are one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world!

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Email me at

Or call me at 866.339.4438.

I LOVED this program!!

“I LOVED this program!! Huge problems for me were gaining/loosing weight for years off and on, major digestive issues, like boating (every day), and belly fat (couldn’t seem to get past the plateau). By the end of this program, each of my problems were fixed! I feel like I was given so much information and so many great tools, it has been amazing! When I lost weight in the past, I lost inspiration and gave up and went back to my old eating habits. This time with all these tools, I have been able to stick with a new lifestyle and in return the weight has been coming off! Measurements: 6 weeks, BMI: Before 26/ After 24.9, Waist Circumference: Before 34/ After 32.5”

Laura Barone


Laura Barone


Are you ready to put the puzzle together and…

  • Release the confusion about good health!
  • Stop frustration & disappointed with weight that won’t budge!
  • End bloating and support your gut health
  • Release Sugar and other food addictions quickly and easily!
  • Finally, understand nutrition and create an energized eating plan!

Let’s BOOST Your Weight Loss Together!

This detox program was AWESOME!

“This detox program was AWESOME! This program helped me reset my thinking about food and supplements. My body feels much healthier and my entire being feels more positive. The whole process was invigorating and inspiring. Since beginning this program and the live Pilates Cardiocamp class, I have lost over 20 pounds, lots of inches and have dropped 2 pants sizes as well as a size smaller top – lost loads of back fat. The detox class was a fantastic way of bringing my fitness and well being to the next level.

Maggie Heilman


Maggie Heilman


Yes, I’m Ready To BOOST My Weight Loss 10-20 lbs!

Here’s how I’ll do it…
Program Includes
6- consecutive weeks of Live online coaching with Michelle Melendez so I’m not alone ($600 value)
5-Day Liver Cleanse so I feel lighter and look younger
5-Day Colon Cleanse to release stubborn belly fat and reset my metabolism
BONUS #1: Detox supplements mailed to me! ($100 value)
INSTANT ACCESS BONUS #2: What To Eat Library making nutrition easy ($97 value)
INSTANT ACCESS BONUS #3: Immediate access to my Belly Fat Freedom 6-week audios  ($97 value)

$894 Value

I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks!

"I have enjoy and got so much out of your programs. I can't believe all the tools we covered in the 12 week program. I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks! Thank you so much Michelle for your enthusiasm and belief in me."

Gillian Robbie


Gillian Robbie


Your Program Begins March 12th!

Discount Code To Help You Get Started…

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Peace of Mind Guarantee

I believe you’re going to LOVE this Detox so I’m giving you a 2-week trial! I’ll take all the risk to get you started! Sign up for your Detox and if it’s not a match for ANY reason, let me know with 2-weeks, Return the supplements and I’ll give you a FULL Refund! =)

14-Day Trial

Do you have questions?

More women who’ve taken this program say…

I lost more than 12 pounds…





Solid Information of What Works BEST!

I had a sense of what to do to release weight but I didn't have the confidence it would work. Being in the program I have so much more confidence. There is a lot of straight forward information. I have released 1" from my chest, 1" waist, and 1" hips and 7 lbs. I recommend this program for those striving for better nutrition and fitness. Who want an amazing community of support and solid information of what works best!





After this program I am down 8 pounds

"Before this program I was stuck in a rut and eating foods that made me feel tired and grumpy even though I loved eating my comfort foods. After this program I am down 8 pounds and feeling more energy and I feel that I have shifted and not so addicted to those comfort foods. I would recommend this program if you feel sluggish or unhealthy. I feel liberated and much more knowledgeable about what I need to do to move forward and make my future different from my past."

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans


I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a sisterhood like support-system

I signed up for the program in hopes of getting a handle on my health including but not limited to food consumption, exercise, and just implementing a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a sisterhood like support-system that will guide and support them in restructuring their life around healthier sustainable living.

Amelah El-Amin


Amelah El-Amin


It’s Time To Start Feeling and Looking Your BEST!

Don’t go another month feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your body!


It’s my privlage to support you.

Your Fitness Ally,

Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996


P.S. I had a conversation recently with a client who took this program last year. She told me how different this program is from anything she’s done before. She’s released weight and feels so much better about herself. This can happen to you!

If It’s Time To Release Inches and Feel Great, Join Me!

[Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee weight loss on this program. The claims above are the results of real members. However, everyone is different from not only their body type, metabolism and ability to release inches but also on their ability to following the program. If you follow the program as it’s designed, you’ll get the best results for your body type and that cannot be stated here. Thank you for understanding.]