Cancer and Self Defense (Part 1)

Cancer Changes Lives!

Teresa Melendez Gonzales 1966 – 2007

Have you or someone you know experienced cancer or another disease that hinders your quality of life?

My aunt Terrie died of breast cancer 11 years ago. I was in the hospital with her the last 2-weeks of her life.

I wish they told me what to expect as my aunt was transitioning out of her body from cancer. That was one of the hardest things in my life to witness and I’m so grateful I was there for her.

Why am I writing about this personal experience in a blog?

Disease has a start in the body! It’s NOT Random!

You Need To Know Where Disease Starts & How To Protect Yourself!

Researchers have found that disease starts in your gut.


That is where food enters your body.

The Path Of Your Digestion: 

Can you see the majority of your digestion above is in your intestines?

Food travels through the pathway above and when it enters your large intestines nutrients get absorbed into the body.

Your intestines are 35-feet long. If you cut them open and laid them out, they would be the size of a tennis court. Um, Wow!

When your intestines are healthy you feel GREAT! You have good energy, clarity, you’re at a healthy weight and your body is running optimally.

When you have toxic and clogged intestines you…

  • Have low energy
  • Have a foggy brain and poor memory
  • Struggle with weight
  • Have a lower immune system
  • Don’t have many bowel movements per day
  • Are prone to disease

Why are you prone to disease?

The food you eat, the chemicals you use to clean your home, the air you breathe and water you drink all enter your body in various ways through your skin, nose and mostly through your intestines. If what you eat, clean with, breathe and drink is clean and pure, your body feels good and your intestines can do their job with ease.

If you’re…

  • Eating quick processed foods
  • Eating red meat, dairy, conventional veggies & fruit (not organic)
  • Cleaning with unhealthy chemicals
  • Breathing air filled with car exhaust, smoke, and other toxins
  • Drinking water that has sat in plastic bottles or even worse drinking tap water filled with chlorine, fluoride and other harmful substances
  • In constant overwhelm and stress

Your gut is more than likely inflamed and your body is suffering leaving it compromised and in a state where disease can grow and live.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Detox Your Body!

My aunt was like a sister and I loved her and miss her.

I also know that her diet was extremely poor. She was addicted to sugar, ate a lot of processed foods, didn’t buy organic, drank tap water and cleaned with chemicals.

I did my best to educate and support her and we all make our own choices.

She transitioned before I was taking women through a complete detox program or I would have gotten her on it.

Being a fitness trainer for over 20-years, I understand the importance of detoxing and I hope the above has shown you how vital it is too.

I run a complete detox program twice a year in March and August. The next 10-week detox program begins March 20th, 2018.

Are ready to clean your intestines, have more energy and give your body the best chance it has to stay free of disease?

Check out my detox program and see if it’s right for you!

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I know I’m here on the planet to educate and empower women to get fit and live in a body they love so they can live happier lives, have a greater impact in the world and more patience and support for their families and themselves.

If you’re ready to defend yourself against disease and start feeling great, join me!

I’m thrilled to take you on this journey of detox and healthy.

Here are a few testimonials of women who’ve joined my detox program:

Maggie testimonial about the weight loss program

This detox program was AWESOME!

“This detox program was AWESOME!This program helped me reset my thinking about food and supplements. My body feels much healthier and my entire being feels more positive. The whole process was invigorating and inspiring.Since beginning this program and the live Pilates Cardiocamp class, I have lost over 20 pounds, lots of inches and have dropped 2 pants sizes as well as a size smaller top – lost loads of back fat.The detox class was a fantastic way of bringing my fitness and well being to the next level.

Maggie Heilman


Maggie Heilman

Maggie testimonial about the weight loss program
Moira testimonial about the weight loss program

Michelle made this program a life changing experience!

“Being a Nurse Practitioner, I felt my knowledge about nutrition was pretty good. Was I wrong!I learned so much from this program. I feel I am a more informed consumer and can make choices that honor keeping my body as healthy as possible.I have incorporated much of the programs principles to my lifestyle and feel healthier. I have lost some unwanted weight as well.Michelle is an inspirational teacher and made this program a life changing experience!”

Moira Whyte Shearer


Moira Whyte Shearer

Moira testimonial about the weight loss program
Sarah testimonial about the weight loss program

I feel like my cravings are much more in control!

“Before this program I was craving something sweet after every meal and consuming a lot more sugar than I had realized.After this program, I feel like my cravings are much more in control! I am not craving sugar and I am eating much less sugar, and have lost a few pounds and inches because of it!I’d recommend this program if you feel “stuck” with your current weight and the little things you used to do to drop a few pounds aren’t working any more. Michelle’s program provided me with a lot of new knowledge and ideas for getting my body back in balance and allowing it to release some belly fat. It was a great program for providing some accountability for me without any stress or pressure to prove anything to anyone.”

Sara Rogers


Sara Rogers

Sarah testimonial about the weight loss program

Please let me know if you have any questions. Email me at [email protected]

If it feels right, I look forward to supporting you.

Your Fitness Ally,




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