END Your Weight Loss Struggle & Live In A Body You Love! 


What if a “lack of willpower” has NOTHING to do with your constant battle with weight?

If you’ve done diet and exercise programs Galore and are STILL overweight, you are probably emotionally addicted to the feeling of struggling with your weight.

The Live In A Body You Love 8-Month Program

Is A #1 Solution For You!

(Only 10-Spots Available!)

In working with clients worldwide for over 20 years, I’ve seen how releasing their emotional addiction around struggling with weight is the biggest factor for clients to achieve their goals. 

Emotional Addiction is VERY Real & Will Keep You Stuck FOREVER 

Until You Understand It & Transform It!

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works, try a program that helps you understand where your struggle comes from and how to shift it!

You CAN Live In A Body You LOVE!

Let me show you how!

Your program was such a blessing

"I went from weighing 150lbs to 131lbs and went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist! Thank you! You may not realize it but your program was such a blessing. I have struggled so very long to be healthy even as a child...years and years of frustration. I'm the healthiest I ever been!!!I have energy like I never had before. It all started because of your program!"

Gina Hoskins


Gina Hoskins

(Only 10-Spots Available!)

Who Is This Program For?

This program is designed for women who have struggled with their weight for a VERY long time or most of their life!

Do you…

  • Struggle with your weight year after year and have done so for more than 2…5…10 years or MOST of your life?
  • Feel embarrassed or ashamed about your weight?
  • Think about your weight every day?
  • Feel like maybe you’re just meant to be fat?
  • Have no clue who you would be without your struggle to lose weight?

Then This Program Was Created For You! 


What You’ll Learn in Your Live in a Body You Love Program:

  • Why your weight loss journey has been so hard & how to make it A LOT easier
  • Practices to create a new relationship with your mind, body, and soul
  • How to release your emotional conditioning to being overweight
  • How to unravel your body’s untold mysteries of why it stays stuck (and how to get it to work for you)
  • How to transform past pains, shame, and discomfort into wisdom and empowerment
  • Processes to create an emotional conditioning of LOVE for your body and watch as it gets thinner

I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks!

Listen to her own words:
"I have enjoy and got so much out of your programs. I can't believe all the tools we covered in the 12 week program. I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks! Thank you so much Michelle for your enthusiasm and belief in me."

Gillian Robbie


Gillian Robbie

WHY Has Your Weight Been An Issue For So Long?

If you haven’t caught it yet, it’s because EVERY cell in your body is emotionally addicted/conditioned to constantly vibrate at the feeling that you can’t lose weight!

Every emotion in your body can be measured in energy. This means your emotions vibrate at a certain frequency.

When you are constantly disliking your body and think you can’t lose weight the cells in your body become used to that vibration and it normalizes in your body!


When that happens your cells will send signals to your brain to think thoughts and do actions that Sabotage ANY diet and exercise program you go on!

This is why some people could go their ENTIRE Life Never living in a body they love!

Here is the kicker…

Liking your emotional conditioning or disliking it, doesn’t matter!

Your body feels “normal” feeling that way!

Emotional addictions are harder to break than being on heroin! That’s why this program is 8-months!

Let Me Teach You How To Re-Condition Your Cells To

Live In A Body You Love!

(Only 10-Spots Available!)

How Your 8-month Program Works…

Phase 1 FREEDOM: Understand Your Weight Loss Journey

In this first phase, you’ll get really familiar with your emotional conditioning and what keeps you from getting and maintaining lasting weight loss success! 

You will start to feel relief, truth, and freedom around your body and start to create a loving relationship.

If you struggle with looking at yourself in the mirror, this first phase will breakthrough that pattern and create a new person you see in the mirror that you start to fall in love with!

In your first phase you’ll discover:

  • Your emotional condition/addiction that has kept you stuck for YEARS!
  • A process to create a powerful loving relationship with your body!
  • Practices that make releasing weight VERY Easy!
  • What freedom feels like around your weight!

I stopped talking myself into being fat-Thank you Michelle!

Before the program I literally talked my self into being fat! I was so hard on my self, criticizing every slight imperfection. Your program really woke me up! I had several real “a-ha” moments on the calls. Since the program, I am naturally making healthier food choices without struggle. I feel more at EASE with myself and am committed to caring for myself. I would recommend Michelle’s program to anyone who feels trapped and is struggling with weight loss! Thank you thank you thank you Michelle!

Laura Gawne


Laura Gawne

Phase 2 TRUST: Surrender and Heal

What if you surrendered to your life journey and allowed forgiveness and healing to bring you wisdom, joy, and empowerment

It’s time to re-connect with yourself on a soul level and find healing in your heart, mind, and body.

This is a HUGE step in creating a body you love and it’s the foundation of this program!

Get ready to feel confident and trust yourself in ANY situation!

It can be hard to trust yourself when for many years you’ve gone back on your word. The feeling of shame, guilt, and mistrust are hard to release and…it can be done!

During your second phase, you will…

  • Trust and forgive yourself
  • Heal & Integrate the part of you that has made your weight loss journey so hard
  • Find peace and relief around your weight 
  • Create a confidence in yourself that you may have never had before

I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after this program

“I am in a completely different place mentally and emotionally after taking Michelle’s program “Get the body you love in 90 days”. I have shifted old habits and have formed new ones and it feels good. I am deeply grateful for this life and body that I have to experience this life in! I am also deeply grateful to the other participants from whom I bonded with and learned from. Michelle, know that you have changed my life for the better forever and I am deeply grateful for your love and guidance.”

Kayleen Evans


Kayleen Evans

Phase 3 CLEANSE: Detox Your Body

Cleansing your body regularly is CRUCIAL to creating a healthy environment that naturally releases weight.

Toxins come into the body from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and lotions & soaps we put on our skin.

They are stored in our organs, belly fat and gut.

When your body is overloaded with toxins not only can’t you release weight but you open yourself up to diseases like cancer, auto-immune disease, and many others.

Not only will you do a full body cleanse but you will eliminate ANY Parasites from your body as well…Yes, Parasites!

Nine out of ten people are infested with harmful organisms (parasites).

Parasites can enter your body MANY ways: through pets, food (especially seafood), water, unprotected sex and more.

You may not realize you have parasites and think you’re just fatigued, can’t think clearly, bloated and have smelly gas, which is normal at your age…not true. It could be parasites. Let’s get rid of them!

In phase 3 you will…

  • Cleanse your colon of years of undigested food in your intestinal walls
  • Cleanse your live and gallbladder to boost your body’s natural ability to detox 
  • Create an alkalinizing environment that parasites can no longer live in
  • Feel GREAT!

I LOVED this program!!

“I LOVED this program!! Huge problems for me were gaining/loosing weight for years off and on, major digestive issues, like boating (every day), and belly fat (couldn’t seem to get past the plateau). By the end of this program, each of my problems were fixed! I feel like I was given so much information and so many great tools, it has been amazing! When I lost weight in the past, I lost inspiration and gave up and went back to my old eating habits. This time with all these tools, I have been able to stick with a new lifestyle and in return the weight has been coming off! Measurements: 6 weeks, BMI: Before 26/ After 24.9, Waist Circumference: Before 34/ After 32.5”

Laura Barone


Laura Barone

Phase 4 Live Retreat: Return to Nature

 You’ll complete your program with a 4-day live retreat!  Get away from everything you know, start fresh, and return more confident in your body than EVER!

This all-inclusive 4-day live retreat will…

  • Leave you refreshed and transformed!
  • Give you insights and inspiration to make lasting changes!
  • Have you trust yourself on a whole new level!
  • Allow relief and ease to be your new normal!

You’ll fly into San Jose National Airport (SJC) and head to the beautiful Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California. 

Your retreat is located on 108 acres of ancient redwood groves and sunny oak meadows. Land of Medicine Buddha is a perfect place for the serenity and magic of your transformation to begin. 

Are you ready to get away from distractions and focus on the one person who matters and is ready for transformation…YOU?

Michelle was super awesome the way she organized it

"Before this retreat, I was looking for something that would help me find more self-love and translate that into becoming a healthier person.

Michelle was super awesome the way she organized it. There were moving meditations and educational tools.

I'd recommend this to any woman looking for something to help them to get closer to being happy and filling the joy in their heart of who they want to be.


Retreat Dates March 29th – April 1st, 2019

($1500 value)

Don’t Let This Life Pass You By Without Experiencing

The Feeling Of Living In A Body You LOVE!

(Only 10-Spots Available!)

What Has Your Weight Struggle Cost You?

dollarWhat is constantly struggling with your weight costing you?

You’ve probably spent thousands throughout the years on gyms, exercise equipment, fitness experts, diets, supplements etc.

What has it cost your relationships?

Do you give yourself permission to be seen and loved?

What about life experiences?

Are you holding yourself back from connecting with others or advancing in your career because you feel insecure about your body?

Are you ready for something different?

It’s Not a Mistake You Found me!

If I feel like the Right Trainer For You And You’re Ready to Live in a Body You Love!, Join Me!

You’re meant to live in a body you love and the journey and expansion of your spirit in reaching that goal is why you came here and why you’re reading this!

Let’s get you there together!

There is a bonus I’d love to give you with your program to get you started right away!

BONUS: Get Thin This Time Guidebook
This is a 64-page guidebook with inspiring information and practical tips that work!
In this Guide Book, you will learn…Get Thin This Time

  • How your body has created an Addiction to the STRUGGLE of Being Overweight Weight
  • 5 Keys to Weight Release Success
  • Easy Success Journal to make Nutrition SIMPLE
  • A wonderful Unique way women around the world are creating better health and fitness in their lives and how YOU CAN TOO!
  • Powerful questions to ask yourself that TAKE BACK Your Confidence with food!


What Mind-body Therapist Dr. Cynthia Sholes thinks about this ebook:

She has an amazing amount of information that’s incredibly valuable

I'm a mind body therapist and I use neuroscience to help people uncover the mind game of weight loss. I was really impressed when I found Michelle Melendez's guide book to help you get thin. She has an amazing amount of information that's incredibly valuable. If you're trying to lose weight, you really need to look at because it is a wealth of information, very clearly written, from the heart and it's exactly what you need.

Dr. Cynthia Sholes


Dr. Cynthia Sholes

I invite you to look at my programs below and see which is the right fit for you!

Live in a Body You Love is the right choice if you are looking to create a new emotional addiction in your body thats gives you a since of peace, love and freedom!

It will guide you to start living in a body you love! 

If I’m the right trainer for you, let’s take this journey together!

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Are you ready to say, “Yes” to taking this journey with me?

If it’s time for something different, join me and see who you become through your life journey called, Living In A Body You LOVE!

You deserve that! It’s been too hard for too long!

Most Sincerely,

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