Have you struggled with your weight most or all of your life?
You could be addicted/conditioned to struggling with your weight.

5 ways to know if you’re addicted to struggling with your weight:


  1. Think about your weight every day
  2. Put yourself down for the way you look every day
  3. Don’t like looking in the mirror or having your picture taken
  4. Feel uncomfortable in your body
  5. Are frustrated that no matter what exercise and diet program you try it doesn’t last

You’re not alone!

Here’s the secret to your struggle:

The over 70-trillion cells of your body are chemically addicted/conditioned to the feeling of struggling with your weight and NO MATTER what you do, your cells will send signals to your brain to think thoughts and do actions that Sabotage ANY diet or exercise program you’re on…Forever!


Struggling with your weight is familiar even though you don’t like it.

It’s what you know mentally & physically & where you live your life from.

It IS Possible to:

  • Think and feel differently about your body
  • End Self-Sabotage
  • Find freedom, relief, and ease around your weight
  • Stop the painful self-loathing and self-deprecating feelings and behaviors
  • Live in a body you love

You don’t need another diet or exercise program.

Discover a new way to understand your weight loss journey and move toward a body you love from the inside-out!

Colleen testimonial about the weight loss program

After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs

"Before I began Michelle's program I struggled with weight most of my adult life. After 13 weeks with her support and teachings, I lost 20lbs!The most difficult part for me is the psychological piece. Michelle's teachings are clear, effective and interesting. It has made a HUGE difference in how I see myself and my goals for the future.I recommend her program wholeheartedly!"

Colleen Grogan


Colleen Grogan

Colleen testimonial about the weight loss program

Your Live In A Body You Love Program Includes

Understanding Your Weight Loss Journey
Finally, realize the reason for your life-long struggle with your weight and find freedom, relief, and ease with your body.
Creating A New Relationship
Create a completely new relationship with your body that re-connects you on a soul-level and gives you peace.
Naturally Detoxing
When your body is toxic it is nearly impossible to release weight and keep it off. You will do 5 all natural body cleanses colon, liver & gallbladder, and cleanse heavy metals and parasites from your body. Get ready to feel Amazing!
Healing Past Experiences
Heal whatever horrors and/or challenges you’ve been through in the past and integrate yourself-fully as you transform past pains, insecurity, shame, and discomfort into wisdom and empowerment.
Live 4-Day Retreat
Join me on a live 4-day retreat at the Land of Medicine Buddha in the California Santa Cruz mountains and remember who you truly are as you return to your natural vibrational state with nature

And More!

Michele testimonial about the weight loss program

You can do this, Michelle is there for you!

“Before this program I had little to no motivation to get healthy. I had gotten so used to being fat that I almost gave up on myself.Michelle has also opened my eyes to the idea that healthy living isn't just necessary, it's enjoyable. I would recommend this program if you struggle with motivation to be healthy and fit, if you have a hard time finding something positive and/or encouraging about yourself, and if you are finally ready to see yourself as the sexy, strong, confident woman you want to be. You can do this, Michelle is there for you!”

Michele Kiefert


Michele Kiefert

Michele testimonial about the weight loss program

It’s Time For A New Way Of Being & Not ANOTHER Diet And Exercise Roller Coaster Ride?

Discover what’s possible for you!

It’s my pleasure to take you on a journey to live in a body you love!

You deserve that!

Your Fitness & Weight Release Ally,












Michelle Melendez-Founder of Women Being Fit & Master Weight Release Specialist

P.S. I don’t believe it’s an accident you found me. If you are tired of trying the same methods you’ve always tried, take a look at something new. You’ll be really glad you did.

I stopped talking myself into being fat-Thank you Michelle!

Before the program I literally talked my self into being fat! I was so hard on my self, criticizing every slight imperfection. Your program really woke me up! I had several real “a-ha” moments on the calls. Since the program, I am naturally making healthier food choices without struggle. I feel more at EASE with myself and am committed to caring for myself. I would recommend Michelle’s program to anyone who feels trapped and is struggling with weight loss!Thank you thank you thank you Michelle!

Laura Gawne


Laura Gawne