Belly Fat Insight

What Is Belly Fat?

The fat you can pinch with your fingers is Subcutaneous fat. It is the layer that lies directly below the skin’s surface and helps secret needed hormones and stores important vitamins.

Visceral fat, otherwise known as belly fat, is located beneath the muscle of your stomach right next to your internal organs. This is the belly fat that MUST GO!

If you can pinch a lot of subcutaneous fat, you probably have a lot of visceral fat.

Why is Belly Fat dangerous?

Fat secrets hormones and chemicals into your body and when you’re at your ideal weight, it helps support you by keeping your insulin in balance, regulating your appetite so you don’t get hungry so quickly and it even helps burn stored fat.

The problem with belly fat is…

It secrets more hormones, toxins & chemicals into your body AND it Is Sooooo Close To Your Organs. Not Good!

Lots of belly fat puts you at a higher risk for diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and even certain cancers.

The quickest way to release belly fat is…Do A Detox!

If you haven’t heard of my Food Reset and Detox program, this may be your answer!

If you’re ready to…

  • Release belly fat & other excess weight
  • Have more energy
  • Improve your memory
  • Give your body a break from stress

Check out my Detox program!

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I’d love to support you to clean out your body and start feeling great!

Here are a few examples of what women have experienced in my detox program:

I was two-inches too big for my wedding dress!

I was getting married in a month and was two-inches too big for my wedding dress. In a panic, I joined the Get Fit and Detox program.The results were perfect! I lost 5 inches and felt happy, confident, beautiful and sexy on my wedding day!Thank you so much!

Reina Marie Tashnick


Reina Marie Tashnick


I was never hungry


Lori Spaeth's Results and Comments (Listen Now)!

"I have lost almost 20lbs and I feel great! As you can see I'm not young but I feel young. One thing I have to say about this program is, I was never hungry. That was a big deal. It was a little bit of a commitment but boy was it worth it! Everyone has noticed how much better I look and I notice how much better I feel!"

Lori Spaeth


Lori Spaeth


Is it time to do something about your belly fat?

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P.S. Better health is possible for you, sister. You deserve that!

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