Is It Time To Be Fit?

What If You Could Do Quick and Simple Exercises To…
woman thinking how to lose weight

  • Lose weight and look great in your clothes
  • Tone your arms, shoulders, legs and butt
  • Easily lift your mood and spirit
  • Increase energy and mental focus
  • Have better sleep

AND do it ALL in the convenience of your home in under 20-minutes?!

You CAN!

Right now it may be hard to stick with an exercise program.

You get too busy or you just can’t seem to get and stay motivated. Your work or family always come first and there’s never time for you!

You always think you’ll make time for it later, but it never happens. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

Here is what a member had to say about this workout program:

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

It’s like no other program around!

“Thank you so much for your inspiring workouts! I love the positive affirmations involved in each workout session. I couldn't wait to exercise with you again!Your energetic and motivational program has helped me reach my health goals with a lot of FUN! It's like no other program around. Thank you so much!”

Annette Chambers


Annette Chambers

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program
Why Train With Me?
Michelle Melendez doing Straight-Leg Sit-Up
I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996.

That’s over 20-years of training women all over the world to look and feel great in their bodies!

My #1 specialty is…

Firming-Up The Most Challenging Areas For Women!

satisfied woman measuring her bellyIn this program you will do workouts that…

  • Firm-up your arms and shoulders so they look amazing in strapless dresses and tank tops!
  • Lift your tush so you look great from behind!
  • Tone-up your legs so you’re confident in your shorts and skirts.
  • Strengthen your core for better posture and flexibility.
  • Give you more energy and stamina to take on your day!
  • (And my favorite) Lift your mood to manifest more joy, peace and ease in your life!

You will LOVE these workouts!

I am LOVING this program!

“I am LOVING this program! I am feeling more energetic and positive about exercise. Thanks Michelle!”

Beverly Halidman


Beverly Halidman


Your Program is Easy To Follow!

Each month you’re guided through a fun new workout series that gives you…

  • 6-Tone your body, lift your mood workouts (20-min or less) to tone-up your entire body!
  • 3-Burn your fat, free your heart guided cardio practices (20-min or less) to lose the most weight at your fitness level!
  • Positive affirmations to improve an area of your life while you workout!
Here are the themes of your first three months:

Tone-Up Increasing Self-Love and Confidence

Michelle exercising in Australia

(6-workouts filmed in Australia)

Get Fit Surrendering To The Ease and Flow Of Life!

Michelle exercising in Hawaii

(6-workouts filmed in Hawaii)

Firm-Up Creating Fun, Love and Abundance!

Michelle exercising in Bali

(6-workouts filmed in Bali)

Workout Series!

If You Believe In The Power Of Positive Affirmations,
This Program Is For YOU!

Each Workout Series Tones-Up Your Entire Body and Uses the Power Of Positive Affirmation To Bring YOU A Happier, Easier and More Abundant Life!

To help you stay on track, I’ve  included the following:

  • A 30-Day timer to keep you motivated to do your next workout and stay on track!
  • A personalized progress chart to see the workouts you’ve completed and the ones you have left!
  • An exercise game to play with your Be Fit sisters to inspire each other to reach your goal! (App can be downloaded to your iPhone)

If you can’t stay motivated to workout, you’ll never see the results you want!

I’m very impressed with this program

I'm very impressed with this program. The real difference is your steady stream of affirmations- what a perfect time to be working on making them consciously- and conscientiously...during a workout! Great program, and I appreciate it's affordable. Quite a value.

Heather O'Brophy


Heather O'Brophy


These workouts are specially designed to target the most troubling areas on a woman body….

arm muscles


butt muscles


Thighs muscles


fit belly


Workout With Me LIVE!

You’ll Have Access To Train With Me LIVE Online!

I’ll personally take you through a 40-minute workout that tones your entire body as we do  affirmations to lift your mood, lighten your spirit and change your life!

Michelle doing live classes using Zoom app

Why train with me live?

  • I’ll be right there checking your form!
  • I’ll lead your through a fun workout we’ll do together!
  • You’ll see your Be Fit sisters and stay inspired!
  • You’ll have the option to do a 10-minute live meditation with me after class to release stress and allow-in peace!
  • You’ll know you’re not alone!

Let’s Be Workout Buddies!

($65 value)

Live Classes!

It felt like we were workout partners

Yay!! Loved it! I can’t wait until I gain more mobility, become more limber. Thank you, it was so nice that I could see you AND you could see me. It felt like we were workout partners, which makes it so much more fun!! And the affirmations are a treasure. So often I focus on the negative voice, and it feels so much better to focus on the positive! Thank you, thank you!!!




Join Your Be Fit Community!

community of women who lose weight and get the body they loveBecome part of your Be Fit closed Facebook Community!

Monthly Challenges To Keep You Inspire To Exercise!

Not only will you belong to a private member site with even more resources, motivation and support but you’ll have  fun monthly challenges that motivate you to stick with your program! Yeah!

This IS NOT A Competition! 

If you do only one workout a month, you could win a prize!

Prizes You Could Win Include: 

  • Fit Bit (pic on right) and other fitness equipment
  • Meditations that leave you feeling lighter and happier in your body
  • Private online training sessions with Michelle
  • Cookbooks that reduces body fat
  • Inspirational items like water bottles, t-shirts, necklaces
  • Special prizes from my expert wellness, nutrition and fitness colleagues. 
  • And more!

You’ll love being a part of a community that has your back and wants to see you succeed!

Staying Motivated To Exercise Was Never This EASY and FUN!

Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising

“Being a part of the group has provided the inspiration to get me exercising at least 5 days every week. It’s starting to feel like a vital part of my life again and I’m loving that.”

Anita Breeze


Anita Breeze


Join Me & Start Toning Your Body & Feeling More Positive About Life With Every Workout!
You Deserve That!

3 Bonuses to Get The Best Results!

I want to make sure you get the most out of your program so  I’ve added three BONUSES…

BONUS #1: 5-Keys To Release Weight Loss Frustration

weight loss frustration ebookThis Amazing E-book will give you insights you didn’t know about your weight that leaves you with a completely new understanding!

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • 3 Keys fitness trainers, doctors, & nutritionist don’t know that are crucial to losing weight
  • How your body’s cells have memorized chemical reactions that  keep you struggling with your weight
  • Why you will FOREVER SELF-SABOTAGE Yourself when trying and lose weight
  • How to understand your body from a New Perspective
  • The worst thing to do if you’re wanting to END weight loss frustratio

And a TON More!

A must read for women who’ve struggled with their weight most of their lives!

$24 value
BONUS #2: Complete What to Eat Library!

woman checking the label of a food productThis Nutrition Library Has It ALL!

You will discover…

  • 5-Keys to make nutrition easy!
  • What supplements burn fat, support weight loss and keep you healthy!
  • Simple breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that keep the weight off! 
  • The top 6-foods to avoid to lose and maintain your weight!
  • 7-Super foods to ALWAYS have available!
  • 12-foods that lift your mood and counter depression!
  • And more!

This Is A Complete Library Helping Make Nutrition Easy!

$97 value
BONUS #3: Three Keys to Stay Inspired To Exercise No Matter What!
Michelle teaching exerciseHow long have you struggled to get fit?
Are you ready to make it last?

In this video and audio bonus you will discover:

  • Why getting and staying fit has been so hard for so long!
  • The 3 Simple Keys you can do now to stay motivated no matter what!
  • Freedom and joy that you CAN be fit and STAY fit!

My BIGGEST advice to you if you’ve been struggling to get fit is…Don’t join a gym or get on another exercise program without some internal guidance and support! You’ll only set yourself up for failure…AGAIN!

Don’t you think it’s time to go deeper?

$34 value


Dale testimonial about the weight loss program

I’m feeling soooo good!

“I’m feeling soooo good! I have energy and am wearing my “mom, are you wearing my jeans” jeans. Also, my yoga pants look great too!”

Dale Henry


Dale Henry

Dale testimonial about the weight loss program

Yes, I’m Ready To Be Fit!

Program Includes:

Be Fit + Live Classes

Monthly workout series to that tone my ENTIRE body and support me to create a happier life. ($47 value each)
30-Day countdown timer to keep me motivated to reach my goals (optional)
Personalize progress chart to see what workouts I’ve completed and which ones I need to do
Fun exercise game to play with my Be Fit sisters to inspire each other (optional)
Live Weekly Workouts to exercise with Michelle so I know I’m not alone (optional) (value $65/mo)
Be Fit Online Community with fitness challenges to win prizes even if I only do one workout! (optional)
Bonus #1: 5-Keys To Release Weight Loss Frustration ($24 value)
Bonus #2: Complete what to eat library ($97 value)
Bonus #3: Three Keys to Stay Inspired To Exercise No Matter What! ($34 value)

($267+ Value)

Great Value!

I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT!

“I did the “Making It Count” strength training workout today and LOVED IT! I really appreciate the affirmations woven into the workouts!”

Laurel Jacobs


Laurel Jacobs


I feel so much more energetic

“This is day two of these workouts and I feel so much more energetic and awake and loving life!”

Anne Martine


Anne Martine


Are You Ready To Be Fit?

Be Fit Membership



bed layout picture

(Cancel Anytime) 

Join Here! visa_mastercard_paypal_ *First 14 Days $1, then $17 per month

1/2 OFF

(First 14-Days ONLY $1)

(through January 31st!)

Read What Clients Are Saying About Be Fit:

I have release 16lbs and am loving it!

“I’ve been working out now 3 x’s a week, have released 16lbs and am loving it! I attribute this change in my life to you and your program. I appreciate all you do and stand for and I wanted to thank you for your program!!! Thank you so much for the work that you do!”

Paula Marsh


Paula Marsh


You’re a blessing!

Thank you so much! The classes I’ve been able to catch on replay I’ve really liked. You’re a blessing!





It is all positive and helps me feel happy.

I like that you start the class with “I get to do this workout…” Whenever I am having trouble I just keep moving or stretching and listen to the words you are staying and it is all positive and helps me feel happy. Thanks.





I’m Loving it!

Day two for me and I’m loving it. Love the three levels for each workout. Gives me the confidence to start at a higher level and the option to drop back down to a lower level if it gets difficult. I’m surprised at how much I can actually do.




Do you have questions?
CallCall me: 1.866.339.4438!
I do my best to return calls within 24-48hours. Unless it’s the weekend.

EmailIf you want to email my email is: [email protected]
Please add: “Program Question” in the subject line so I can get to you quickly!

Your Be Fit program will take you on a fun fitness journey that gets you motivated to workout and keeps you inspired to reach your goals!

Are you ready to say, “Yes” to more energy, fun and a firmer body?

One thing I know to be true: if you keep doing the same thing over and over trying to get a different result, you’ll NEVER reach your goal and it will be VERY frustrating!

Try a program that gets into your cells and leaves you with more joy, love, health, and healing in your body and discover what happens when you look in the mirror! =)

Your Fitness Ally,

Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996
P.S. It’s not a mistake you found me! You were asking for something different and now you’re reading my Be Fit info letter. Coincidence? =)

P.S. If I feel like the right trainer for you, try my program and start to feel the transformation as you tone your body and lift your mood! Oh Yeah!

DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee weight release success. However, when you work these principles, our clients have created a body they love and a life of more ease, joy, and abundance! You CAN do this!