“Have You Ever Wondered How Some People Stay Motivated to Exercise When You Struggle Fitting It Into Your Life At All?“   You’re not alone. This is probably the #1 question I get asked after, “how do I lose weight and keep it off?”   Exercise can be boring. It takes time and with

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Impractical Body Image

I love movies! I get to step away and forget all my worries and stresses for a short time. The guy almost always gets the girl and happy endings are bountiful. Yeah! Still, I sometimes step away from movies, TV shows, magazines and other media feeling I need to go workout. Me…a fitness instructor who

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Trainers 1st Mommogram Comes Back With A Spot

Yesterday I had my first mammogram. I’m 39 and I wasn’t worried to have one just a bit nervous since so many women I’ve asked said it hurts. I was glad I was getting checked since my grandmother on my mom’s side passed away from breast cancer at age 45 and a dear loving aunt passed from my father’s

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When a fitness trainer gets depressed…

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this because I know my mother will read it and I don’t want her to worry. It’s OK mom. I’m doing great now! =) A few weeks ago I was feeling really sad and couldn’t seem to shake it. The only thing that gave me relief was teaching my classes. I do

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I Missed My Train

I missed my train! Are you missing yours? Leave me a message about a time you missed your train or how this video tip supports you. I’d love to hear from you!

Being Overweight Can Really SUCK!

Being in a body that you don’t love just plain “SUCKS”! I’ve been interviewing women who are overweight for over a year and here is a list of things they tell me: I’m embarrassed about my body I feel guilty I feel insecure I don’t want to go out with friends because of how I

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3 Reasons to NEVER Hire a Fitness Coach This Year!

Watch Video Go To: Why would I create a video telling you reasons not to hire me or any fitness professional? Because if you are happy with your lifestyle, love your body and the energy you have throughout your day, and your nutrition makes you feel vibrant, healthy and beautiful, what do you need me, or others like

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"Guilt" FREE Thanksgiving

You can have a guilt free Thanksgiving and enjoy it like no other Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever had! Watch this 2-minute video for freedom with your meal today.=) Go to: Enjoy your meal today. Really enjoy anything you choose to eat absolutely guilt FREE!

Death in the Family

This morning I woke up to a message on my answering machine that a family member made their transition. I’m writing because I wanted to share this with you…My fitness family.