Weight Loss News Years Resolution

 Another New Years Is Here! Are you getting ready to make a New Years Weight Loss Resolution? I SERIOUSLY HOPE NOT! Watch video to learn why! Oh my gosh! It breaks my heart when I see amazing women who are struggling to release weight make New Years Resolutions to lose weight.

Quick Workout

You don’t have a lot of time. You can still get an effective workout in! This workout will work most of the muscles in your body leaving you feeling strong and energized!

2 Ways to Decrease Your WaistLine THIS WEEK!

There are two VERY SIMPLE things that you can start doing this week to decrease your waistline! Are you ready to try something different and see results around your belly? There is a quote I LOVE and it goes like this… “Different Isn’t Always Better, But Better is ALWAYS Different!” Author-Unknown Here are two things

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5 Reasons For "Stubborn" Body Fat!

Does this sound like you? You… Have tried dieting and still CAN’T keep the weight off Are Addicted to sugar and carbs and feel nothing can get you off them Have rolls over your pants that you hide at all costs Have been trying to lose weight for YEARS! There are 5 things you REALLY

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What Exercises Burn the Most fat?

I often see women who are overweight walking and that is a great start. The problem is I see these same women year after year walking and getting NO RESULTS! My heart goes out them because I know they will NEVER get the results they want by simply walking. It just won’t happen. Your body

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Doubling Your Risk Of Obesity

“Do You Reach For Diet Drinks Thinking They’ll Support Your Weight Release Efforts?” I was recently driving down the street to visit a friend and had to stop at a stop light. A beautiful woman was walking in the crosswalk. She was overweight and had a diet soda in her hand. I sent her a

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