Tired Of Feeling Out of Shape And Unhappy In Your Body?

                      Take The…


Do You Often Find Yourself Thinking….

  • “I’m out of shape, I need to workout.”

  • “I feel so overwhelmed and stressed!”

  • “It’s too hard to stick with a regular exercise program.”

  • “I wish I could get fit and have more balance in my life.”

You’re not alone!

Discover the fun and easy way to get exercise into your life and lift your mood!

I feel so much more energetic

“This is day two of these workouts and I feel so much more energetic and awake and loving life!”

Anne Martine


Anne Martine

You have a busy life with lots of important things to do. It’s easy to let go of time for yourself so you can get other things done. But then you get stuck in a cycle of self-defeat – you want to get in shape but don’t give yourself the time.

The Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood 21-Day Challenge Will Not Only Start Getting You In Shape But Will Train Your Brain To Lift Your Mood!



Your 21-day challenge will…

  • Help you set up your fitness routine no matter what your schedule!
  • Teach you how to train for your body type so you STOP wasting time with workouts that don’t work for you!
  • Send you daily emails with positive affirmation workouts to tone your body and easy tips to lift your mood!

It’s like no other program around!

“Thank you so much for your inspiring workouts! I love the positive affirmations involved in each workout session. I couldn't wait to exercise with you again! Your energetic and motivational program has helped me reach my health goals with a lot of FUN! It's like no other program around. Thank you so much!”

Annette Chambers


Annette Chambers

Toning your body and lifting your mood can be easier than you think! 

Yes, I’m Ready For The Challenge! Let’s Go!



This challenge is for you if you….

  • Don’t have a lot of time to workout (Get access to Amazing 8-minute workouts!)
  • Feel stressed out and unhappy in your life!
  • Want done for you workouts at the click of a button!
  • Are ready to lift your mood and create positive emotional patterns in your body!

I’m feeling soooo good!

“I’m feeling soooo good! I have energy and am wearing my “mom, are you wearing my jeans” jeans. Also, my yoga pants look great too!”

Dale Henry


Dale Henry

I’ve been a trainer since 1996! I created this program to to make fitness easy and fun to fit into your life with tips that lift your mood no matter what is happening in your day-to-day.

You Deserve That!

I am LOVING this program!

“I am LOVING this program! I am feeling more energetic and positive about exercise. Thanks Michelle!”

Beverly Halidman


Beverly Halidman

Love how I feel after working out!

“Love how I feel after working out! So glad you help me incorporate 10 minutes (as I move up to the full 20)! No excuses anymore!”

Michelle K.


Michelle K.

I LOVE this workout!

“I LOVE this workout! My body feels so alive after just 10 minutes or whatever- I forget that I ALWAYS have 10 minutes to work out, and it always GIVES me energy when I do… Thank you Michelle!!!”

Sage Levine


Sage Levine

Join me and discover how easy it can be to get fit and feel great! It’s time take the Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood Free 21-Day challenge!

You have nothing to lose and a ton of strength and good feelings to gain! Oh Yeah!

Your Fitness Ally,


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P.S. What if 21-days from now, you started seeing definition in your arms and noticed that things don’t trigger you like they once did? That’s Possible For You!