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#1 Motivation Workout Key

How do you feel about getting fit?

Do you feel…

  • It’s too hard?
  • You don’t have time?
  • It’s going to be unpleasant?

The #1 key to motivate yourself to workout is how you FEEL and think about exercise!

You have memorized feelings when you think about getting fit or hear the words workout, or exercise.

There are familiar sensations and thoughts in your mind and body that automatically come up and feel normal to you.

Those familiar feelings will keep you in shape or out of shape for the rest of your life.

If you’re not in the shape you want to be, you must play a game with your mind and get excited that you GET to workout!

You don’t have to workout.

You GET to!

When you get to do something you are excited and look forward to it.

What was the last vacation you went on?

Weren’t you excited to go?

When the alarm went off to get up and get ready to go to the airport, didn’t you jump out of bed?

It CAN be that way when the alarm goes off to workout!

What is familiar to you about getting fit both mentally and physically will constantly repeat itself and either pull you toward exercise or push you away from it.

Here is an easy way to change negative thoughts about getting fit to positive thoughts that PULL you toward exercise.


Imagine that you looked forward to working out and were excited to workout! That’s possible!

Here’s how to program you mind to PULL you toward exercise:

happy woman holding lots of money

ONE: Make it a game you can WIN

Remember that feeling when you’ve played a game a WON!

Yeah! How much fun was that?!

That feeling of excitement can be used to PULL you toward wanting to workout and actually dreading NOT working out!

What?! It’s true!

Try this on…

Get excited like your playing the lotto and there’s a REALLY good chance you’ll win! Now, look at your calendar and ask yourself, “What are the best days and times where it would be TOTALLY FUN to do a 10-20 minute workout?”

Each time you add a workout to your calendar AND set a reminder alarm, feel the energy of excitement that you just won another $1000 bucks!

After completing your weekly calendar, jump-up and down like you just won the lotto and when you physically workout it’s you collecting the money!!!! YES!

TWO: Prepare the night before.

Set two alarm reminders for your workout. The first is the day and time you’ll do your workout and the second is the night before your workout.

That night prepare your things. If you’re going to the gym, have your gym bag ready to go next to the door and even put your car keys on the bag.

If you’re doing one of my online workouts or another online workout, before you go to bed prepare the space where you’ll workout.

KEY: Feel EXCITEMENT as you prepare for your workout the night before and think to yourself, “I don’t have to workout. I GET to and I’m soooo excited! This is going to be AWESOME!”

Yes, this is a game you’re playing with your mind and it TOTALLY WORKS!

Michelle jumping happilyTHREE: Get Excited to Workout

When the reminder alarm goes off reminding you that you GET to workout get excited like you just won the lottery!

That excitement will PULL you to want to workout and it will be a ton more fun!

CAUTION: Don’t think about it too much. If you pause and let your mind think, it will go back to what it’s always done and you will be back in your old patterns.

Change your pattern by not letting yourself think too much about it and allow excitement to pull you toward getting in shape!

This is a game you can WIN!

Ready to make fitness fun?

How fun would it be to win prizes because you worked out?!

You can do just that on my Be Fit online workout program.

For the month of January you could win a FITBIT just by working out!

Each time you workout post about it on our Be Fit Community page and your name will go in a drawing. At the end of the month, I’ll pull a winner!

There are prizes each month!

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What members of Be Fit have to say:

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

It’s like no other program around!

“Thank you so much for your inspiring workouts! I love the positive affirmations involved in each workout session. I couldn't wait to exercise with you again!Your energetic and motivational program has helped me reach my health goals with a lot of FUN! It's like no other program around. Thank you so much!”

Annette Chambers


Annette Chambers

Annete testimonial about the weight loss program

I am LOVING this program!

“I am LOVING this program! I am feeling more energetic and positive about exercise. Thanks Michelle!”

Beverly Halidman


Beverly Halidman


I’m very impressed with this program

I'm very impressed with this program. The real difference is your steady stream of affirmations- what a perfect time to be working on making them consciously- and conscientiously...during a workout! Great program, and I appreciate it's affordable. Quite a value.

Heather O'Brophy


Heather O'Brophy


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