5-Insights to Understand & End Weight Loss Frustration!

A MUST read for women who've struggled with their weight most of their lives. You'll NEVER learn this in a gym!

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  • Workout & Transformational Exercise Programs For Busy Women.

    Ready for a workout program with a little bit extra? Get simple nutrition tips, quick and fun emotional transformation lessons and workouts filmed around the world with positive affirmations as you Get Fit With Love!

    Get Fit with Love
  • For Women Ready To End Bloating, Belly Fat, and Fatigue!

    A program for women whose weight won't budge. Discover how to become a fat burning machine as you protect yourself and your family from toxins and more!

    Detox, Defend and Reset
  • A Program For Women Who've Tried Everything!

    If you’ve ever felt like you’ve tried Everything and nothing works, try a program that helps you understand where your struggle comes from and how to shift it. This is a life-changing journey!

    Live in a Body You Love

Michelle Melendez

I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996. That’s over 20-years of training women all over the world to live in a body they love. When you've struggled with your weight year after year, you become emotionally addicted to the struggle. I've discovered ways to release that addiction so you get the results and relief you want. Train with me to discover a new way to think and feel about your body, your life, and the world!
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • “This detox program was AWESOME! This program helped me reset my thinking about food and supplements. My body feels much healthier. The detox class was a fantastic way of bringing my fitness and well being to the next level.

    Maggie Heilman
  • I have enjoy and got so much out of your programs. I can't believe all the tools we covered in the 12 week program. I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks! Thank you so much Michelle for your enthusiasm and belief in me.

    Gillian Robbie
  • Before the detox, I was very frustrated about how much weight I had gained after menopause. After the detox, I have released 18 lbs and gone down 2 pants sizes. It seems like every day someone says I am glowing or how good I look and what have I changed. Well, it was Michelle’s detox program. I highly recommend her and her program.

    Karen Christiansen
  • Before this program, I was uncomfortable in my body. I ate whatever I wanted to! Now, I am never hungry, and I am no longer bloated. I have lost 2 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my waist! I have lost 8-10 pounds and more weight is coming off! There is some serious soul work that goes on when I work with Michelle! She is a master of getting people unstuck! I am so thankful I found her!

    Pam Taggart
  • Before I began Michelle’s program I had struggled with my weight most of my adult life. After 13 weeks with Michelle’s support and teachings I lost 20lbs. What would I spend my time and money on if I wasn’t focusing on losing weight?! I didn’t know… I have some ideas now! The most difficult part of losing weight is the psychological piece for me. Michelle addresses this in a clear, effective, and interesting way. It has made a huge difference in how I see myself.

    Colleen Grogan
  • I'm a mind body therapist and I use neuroscience to help people uncover the mind game of weight loss. I was really impressed when I found Michelle Melendez's guide book to help you get thin. She has an amazing amount of information that's incredibly valuable. If you're trying to lose weight, you really need to look at because it is a wealth of information, very clearly written, from the heart and it's exactly what you need.

    Dr. Cynthia Sholes

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