Want A Dynamic Health and Fitness Speaker For Your Meet-Up Or Other Group?

You’ve Found Her!



Michelle Melendez has been speaking in front of groups since 2005!

She is not only a dynamic motivational speaker but her insights into human behavior regarding weight loss, self-esteem, ending procrastination, and creating healthy change for the better, are cutting edge!

Michelle will leave your group feeling inspired-with a new awareness of who they are and how they can make change simple and fun!

She has been a fitness professional since 1996 and workshop leader since 2007. 

Some of her keynote topics include:

  • 3 Keys to Getting Fit In The Workplace
  • The Truth About Weight Loss & Body Image: 3 Insights To Set You Free!
  • How To Live In A Body You Love And Never Look Back!

In Michelle’s own words:

“There is nothing on the planet I’d rather do than teach women how to get fit and love their body!”

To schedule, Michelle for your group or telesummit email her today at Michelle@WomenBeingFit.com or call toll-free 1.866.339.4438